Blogads Survey

If you’ve got a couple minutes, Murdoc would sure appreciate it if you took the 25-question Blogads Annual Survey. It only takes a few minutes. Please list Murdoc Payday Online in #23 (referring blog).

Here’s the link:

This will help Blogads, and Blogads helps a lot of your favorite sites (and Murdoc Payday Online, too!)

Really, if you don’t take this survey, then the terrorists have already won.



  1. Looking at the questions, I think it only makes sense to fill this in if one lives in the USA. Is that correct?

  2. Nicholas: Hmmmm. That might be right. I guess you could do it and just answer the ones that apply. Blogads, of course, is looking for info to tweak their system and to show potential advertisers. Seems to me that answers from non-US folks, if they read blogs regularly, would be of some vaule…