Someone’s got to do it…

Think you have a crappy job? These guys are looking for guns, bombs, booby-traps, and people who might want to shoot back:

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team search for weapons caches in Mosul, Iraq, Feb. 25, 2006. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. John M. Foster, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

No satellite imagery or high-tech UAVs here. No “recon by fire”. It’s “get down on your hands and knees and use your old Mk I Optical Units”.

Need to call for back-up? It’s in the holster on your hip. (from JCCC)


  1. Why be there at all in Iraq why not help the victims of Katrina.Why listen to a president who lied to get the American people into a war.It is all just so much rubbish people are getting killed for nothing.

  2. Because national security still matters, even after a hurricane hits. Because there are plenty of people who can help clean up after a hurricane, who aren’t necessarily soldiers. Because war is better than genocide and oppression. Killed for nothing? You try saying that to an Iraqi’s face. Tell them they are ‘nothing’ and see how they feel about it. Geez, try harder Dave.

  3. Attention Murdoc: I do believe you have a leak in your anti whiney, bleeding heart Liberal firewall!

  4. Because war is better than genocide and oppression.’ Maybe I should rephrase that. ‘Because war can be better than genocide and oppression.’ Of course, sometimes it’s the same thing, and sometimes it’s worse. Or in other words, some things are worth fighting for.

  5. Nicholas could you just tell me what thing is worth fighting for in Iraq?You refute my statement of killed for nothing well as most of the deaths in Iraq are caused by American air power I would think that could be called dying for nothing.War is better than genocide and oppression, come on who is doing the oppression and genocide in Iraq ‘You are brother’ if you support this genocidal war over there. There are people on the ground to help clean up the hurricane you say,well when I last looked they didn’t seem to be doing to much the place still looked like a garbage heap. A little note to you toerag I am far from being a whiny bleeding heart liberal,I am a very gung ho ex Royal marine commando who has possibly laid more people in the deck than you have friends.The thing being is that when I fought, it was for a very good and legal reason for fighting and perhaps more telling we were professionals not the national guard consisting of Fred the plumber or Harry the baker whose idea of fire discipline is to just hose em down with fire, amateurs to a boot.Nor am I sat breathing heavy and slobbering over pictures on this site, a very typical reaction of a certain type of guy who reads soldier of fortune and all that kind of nonsense has.So put that in your pipe and smoke it mate. If you like war go and try it there is nothing quite like it some great times and some terrible times a definite learning curve

  6. What’s worth fighting for? Two things. Our security, and the ability for Iraqis to have a chance at living ordinary lives. ‘…most of the deaths in Iraq are caused by American air power…’ Not according to Iraq Body Count: * Over half (53%) of all civilian deaths involved explosive devices. * Air strikes caused most (64%) of the explosives deaths. So, 34% of ‘civilian’ deaths (about half of the civilians seem to actually be fighters of some kind) are caused by air strikes. How do you reconcile that with your statement that it accounts for ‘most’ of them? Most would mean >50%. Who is doing the oppression and genocide in Iraq? Mainly Al Qaeda I think. Do you even know the definition of genocide? ‘The combined United States armed forces comprise 1.4 million active duty personnel, along with several hundred thousand each in the Reserves and the National Guard.’ Total US troops in Iraq: about 150,000. Could it be that the reason you don’t see military members cleaning up there is not that they’re in Iraq (since clearly over 90% of them are not) but that someone has decided not to use them in that way? Why is it the military’s job to clean up after a hurricane, exactly? They have been trained to break things and kill people, right? What makes them particularly good at, say, house construction? I don’t see why I should give a shit whether a war is legal or not. I’m more concerned whether it’s moral. Do you feel that legality is more important than morality? Obviously, since you’re such a gung-ho fellow your opinions, which you back up with fallacies, mean more than mine. Who said I like war? You’re making an assumption there. I don’t like it, but you tell me: how the hell are we supposed to deal with genocidal manics like Saddam? Got any better ideas? Or would you just let him sit there happily fighting wars with Iran and Kuwait and committing ACTUAL genocide against the Kurds and Shi’ites?

  7. What can I say in reply if you believe what you have written in response to my posting. Winston Churchill once said we are one people( America/England)divided by a language least I think that is how the saying goes.Anyway it is true,there is a huge bubble over America, they do not see the world as it is. But its cool just stay in America that would be the best thing.

  8. Well, you could note what you don’t agree with and explain why. Or not — it’s entirely up to you. At least you’re being nice about it. I’d be interested to know what wars you were involved in to get an idea of what you think is more justified. I’d also be interested to know why you think the coalition forces are committing genocide. Last time I checked, counter-insurgency operations were messy but I’m pretty sure they’re distinct from ‘ethnic cleansing’. In my opinion, if these ‘insurgents’ feel the need to fight the closest thing to a legitimate government which has existed in Iraq for the last few decades, and in the fighting that ensues civilians die, I think the blood is on their hands. Especially if they’re foreigners and have no business fighting in the country. I’m assuming you feel the blood is on the hands of the people who kicked out the dictator and installed a proto-democracy. If so, could you please explain the logic behind that?

  9. Let me add also, Dave, that believe it or not I’m actually intersted in debating this kind of thing and seeing what other people think, and how they rationalize their opinions. I bet others, including Murdoc, are interested also in opposing points of view. Unfortunately often those with opposing points of view do not seem interested in discussing them – they just get irrational when you challenge them to explain – so I’m sure we’d like to hear what you have to say if you can explain it logically, especially if you can place it in a historical context. Having military experience, I do think what you have to say might have more a realistic understanding of what’s involved. So please, enlighten us, if you would like to.

  10. My 20-yr-old Marine cousin was killed in Iraq almost 2 months ago. It hurts when people say that he threw his life away. Try telling someone that a loved one was ‘killed for nothing’.