M32 Six-shot 40mm grenade launcher

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. James C. Sanchez aims in with the M-32 multiple-shot grenade launcher, an experimental six-barreled weapon that can deliver six 40 mm grenades in under three seconds. Marines are fielding the new rapid-fire weapon to troops to boost small-team capabilities to deliver greater indirect firepower. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva

Pic from the DoD’s Transformation Photo Archive for March 2006.

This weapon is, without a doubt, the Mikor MGL-140 which was noted on MO and covered by DefenseReview here and here. On the super-sized version at the DoD, you can see that it’s marked “40mm M32”.

UPDATE: Now that I’m looking into it, it appears that this has been getting coverage already. DefenseReview has another post up, and Blackfive has more, as well.

Sheesh. You step away from the computer for a couple of days and the world leaves you behind…

UPDATE 2: More recent info on this, including how the Marines are putting it to use and a picture from the 2007 SHOT Show, here.


  1. Someone needs to take one of those and zero in on this guy. Sadr condemns Rumsfeld, turn against his Sunni allies and threaten to kill Shiite women in the UIA. Papa Ray West Texas USA

  2. It would be interesting to have a competion between the M-32 & the XM-25. At first blush, incorporating the XM-25’s electronics, the metal storms firing system , and the M-32’s 40mm rounds would make a sweet combination.

  3. Any need for so many picatinny rails? Sweet thing though! 6 rounds in under three seconds… but what about reloading? I can only think that recoil with a 40mm round is pretty heavy, so accuracy in this mode is very poor. So reload times would be critical if this fast fire method is to be used.

  4. Gee, another South African product..we’ve obviously been doing a bit of shopping from them..

  5. I think the M32 is pretty cool after all I did LTI all 150 of them on the west coast, If that matters I am all so a 2111/armor in the Marine Corps There is only one drawl back is the weight of the weapon is like 12-15 lBS minus the rounds