“Soon I will be flying on the big iron bird home”

Going home

“B” at Going Down Range is going down range no more. He’s preparing to return from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan:

I now have three big folders, stuffed with papers, saying I am now a combat veteran. It feels like I just I blinked my eyes and I was leaving, but when I think about it was a long 365 days in Kandahar. I am trying to remember how many ramp ceremonies I went to. Way too many. But we (The US military) did lots of good there. I have no regrets. I helped open schools, train the Afghan National Army and Police, secure roads and arrange Hajj pilgrims go to Mecca. This fact will never make the newspapers or the cable new trash channels: there are no protesters chanting: “Americans go home, come back Taliban.” The Afghans like us and want us to stay. And stay we will.

H’es got a couple of pics and a lot more to say. Go read the whole thing. (Hat tip to Expat Yank)