How do you say “Oh My God” in Russian?

IEDs: The Russo/Soviet Experience in Unconventional Warfare

Charlie at The Officer’s Club has a series of pics (stills from a video, by the looks of them) of a Soviet BTR-80 getting blown to smithereens by a land mine. Go look. Right now.

Lots of good background and analysis, too, after you’ve finished scrolling through the pics about ten times…


  1. ‘How do you say ‘Oh My God’ in Russian?’ Same as every other language, it’s universal: AH SH*TE!!!!!!!!

  2. In Infantry school I was trained to be paraniod. View all roads, trails, and ‘the easy way’ with the utmost suspision. Avoid choke points obvious sites for ambush and / mines & traps. Walking is the prefered method of locomotion. Consider all vehicles potential coffins. Don’t be lazy or complacent – by hitching a ride on top of a BMP for instance.