Sometimes you just got to say

What a moron!


  1. It just makes you wonder what ever happened to our treason and sedition laws. It’s odd, treason and sedition are mentioned as crimes in the Constitution itself, and the 1st Ammendment, which apparently superceeds it since the ’60s, was never written with that intent.

  2. Well Mr. Belzer, how do explain an extremely low unemployment rate in the US, much, much lower than in France and Germany, which did not support the war and the very high re-enlsitment rates for the US military. Oh yeah, you can’t. And those twenty newspapers a day that you read, thats’ a laugh, do not even have reporters on the ground in those areas. When they do they report from the balcony of some hotel in the Green Zone. What you are really saying is that those in the military are to dumb to get a job and to dumb to discern geo-political events that they are in the middle of. I think that we know who is really poorly informed in this discussion. Bill out.

  3. dude you should have seen the video, I think Steve Green has a link to it. What really pissed me off was the audience. They were eating up Belzer’s commentary, which means they A) didn’t know any better or B) do know better but are too politically warped to care.

  4. It’s funny how biased the media can be FOR a war if the right people are in charge. They have no credibility and wonder why they are going out of business.