Just seen on’s front page:


Click the link and you get:


Not exactly sure what the “editor” URL means. Pulled temporarily to make some adjustments? I don’t have time to look right now.

UPDATE: If you redo the URL to’s standard format ( you get to the story. It’s an AP story.

UPDATE 2: The story is now live at the link and is unchanged from what I saw earlier. Weird, but probably just a bit of a timing issue.


  1. Michelle Malkin has some excellent commentary on this issue on the CNS News site. It is way past time for Christians to stand up, both for Christianity, and for each other. We’ve got way too many churches that are about politics first and God is second at best.

  2. So, if he escaped onto the US embassey and was thus on US territory (lets just call it that for the sake of argument) and asked for asylum, should we give it to him? and if so, what if its the US policy not to grant asylum to people from allied contries that we’ve designated as being ‘free country’? Im disgusted.