America, we have a problem

americawehaveaproblem.jpgThe first step in solving a problem is admitting that a problem does, in fact, exist.

…a lot of “undocumented workers” have more documents than I do

Since we don’t seem to recognize the situation for what it is becoming, let’s see what the situation itself thinks. At left is a pic taken on American soil.

I’d call this a reason for concern.

See Malkin and Wizbang for much, much more on this. Plus, Malkin looks at the undocumented-ness of “undocumented” workers. It’s a crock. I’m sure a lot of “undocumented workers” have more documents than I do.

Murdoc’s not asking for any drastic measures (except maybe for putting the military on the border). All Murdoc wants is the existing law to be enforced.

And, yes, I’m sure that many illegal aliens are not any threat whatsoever and would, in fact, make great American citizens. But even if only 10% of the illegal aliens fall into one troublesome category or another, that makes ONE MILLION of them at the very least. That is a problem.


  1. As a Legal Immigrant who followed all the rules to migrate here from New Zealand. Paying the hundreds of dollars of fees and dotting all the I’s on all the forms Im squarely behind you Murdoc ! The ILEGAL VISITORS need to be sent packing. I also take issue with that bishop in California. the Bible says to be charitible, But it says that we should obay those placed in power above us(aka the Government) and I cant find any scripture saying ‘assist those break the law. Just my two cents worth Russ

  2. Murdoc, I like what you’re doing with the layout of your articles. It appears more rich and less.. well.. bloggish ;)

  3. I wonder what would happen if several hundred thousand Germans stole across the French border and started occupying French cities? I’m guessing it would start a war. Personally, that’s what I think the solution to our situation is. If we can do nation building in Iraq, why not in Mexico? I say we send the troops into Mexico City and make Mexico a US territory. They can become a state or two in 50 years. In the mean time, we run their government. They want to commit acts of war? We can show them what war is all about.

  4. All this immigration hoopla is the result of pure ignorance and arrogance on the part of the protestors. America NEEDS immigration but DOES NOT need illegal immigration. They demand equal wages, but the only way the law can ensure that is if they are documented. They don’t pay taxes, and expect the rest of us to make up for it. They raise the mexico flag when they risked their life to get OUT of mexico. Ignorance and Arrogance. If this issue doesn’t get a hardline stance on illegal immigration… America is lost.

  5. I say we send the troops into Mexico City and make Mexico a US territory. >>We already did in 1845, when we took Texas, Arizona. New Mexico and Califoria. If we can do nation building in Iraq, why not in Mexico >>Great job we doing in Iraq They want to commit acts of war? We can show them what war is all about >>I did not know that waving a mexican flag was an act of war. Maybe we we will do a better job in mexico then in Iraq

  6. Not to liberals! To them the world would be better off without Israel, and they’d have the US give back all it’s land to the ‘Native Americans’. Of course, I was born here, so that should make me a ‘Native American’ but I’m sure I’m not nuanced enough to understand what they mean by ‘Native Americans’. Anyway, I think Mexicans would be a good addition to our culture. It would give the US a lot of new, prime beach real estate too. Why get pushed around by another third world country? Let’s push back. It’s well past time we stopped groveling and apologizing and started living like we had a pair (with apologies to our liberal friends, who clearly don’t).

  7. All I’m sayin’ is that anyone who writes ‘close the boarder’ repeatedly should immediately be told to never talk again and be pelted with tortillas de maiz. M, I dig the military stuff but when you go onto this immigration thing it’s like watching a hippo dance ballet (Mickey Mouse… wizards… walking broomsticks, anyone?). This is economics plain and simple. Take a look at what the Chamber of Commerce has to say about this, it will tell you all you need to know. And Murdoc, I know you are all about troops on the border and all (I’ve heard it a ton of times) but logistically, that would be an unbelievable undertaking. Just for comparison’s sake, the DMZ between North and South Korea is about 150 miles (give or take?) and it takes the bulk of USFK and ROK forces to enforce and secure it. That’s a lot of manpower. Since our military is overtasked as it is, how would such a scenario play out on the Southern Border? Only in certain ‘high risk’ locations? Oh well. V