Fast Fiver at Frank’s

Pop on over to Free Frank Warner and claim your Lincoln by simply proving how Joseph Wilson’s Niger findings disproved Bush’s “sixteen words”. We all know how Wilson was right and Bush lied, right? Should be simple.


  1. Thanks for the link. So far, Joseph Wilson seems to have found nothing in Niger. My $5 is safe. It makes you wonder why Saddam’s defenders have made him their hero. And it makes you marvel at how Democratic ‘journalists’ have been able to craft headlines that regularly imply Wilson is right and the liberation of Iraq is wrong.

  2. That Bush lied or gave us wrong information about WMD is a fact that no one can deny and also give a lot of ammunition to the oposition.

  3. The fact was, it was Saddam’s obligation to prove he had no WMDs, and not the world’s obligation to prove he still had them. As part of the 1991 cease-fire agreements and U.N. resolutions, Saddam was required to cooperate fully and immediately with U.N. arms inspectors. His cooperation was neither full nor immediate, and without the Iraq invasion, we’d still be guessing whether Iraq still had major WMD stockpiles. It also was a fact that, under the 1991 cease-fire agreements and U.N. Resolution 688, Saddam was required to end his repression of the Iraqi people. He never ended his repression. That offense alone was a violation of the cease-fire and an invitation to the 2003 armed invasion that ousted his sorry arse.