Friday Linkzookery – 28 Apr 2006

Wal-Mart and Guns
Mostly Cajun on firearms at Wal-Mart and such.

Even with the sunsetting of the “Assault Weapons” ban, I don’t believe that all of this weapon’s fire selections are within legal limits for civilian firearms owners. (Naughty word warning.)

Carnival of Homeschooling, Week 16
Hosted this week at

State of the Blogosphere, April 2006 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth
Over 35 million blogs. The number doubles every six months or so. A new one started every second.

Program slashes maintenance time for the B-2 fleet
Alternate High Frequency Material, or AHFM, configured aircraft have shown much lower maintenance manhours per flight hour and have maintained a fly rate more than double the rest of the fleet.”

It’s The Borders, Stupid!
I’ll admit that I don’t have a fair and practical solution to the illegal alien issue. But nothing anyone does will accomplish anything whatsoever until the border secured.

May 1 Illegal Immigration Protesters Hope to Close Cities
Lots of links and discussion. A Minister of Minor Perfidy writes “Looks like 1 May is the day to catch up on your shopping“.

British Upgrade Phalanx
Sixteen british Phalanx CIWS systems are being upgraded to Block 1B.

Monday’s act heroic after 30 years
Rick Monday saved the flag. Cool.

Battleship Yamato rises again
‘Starblazers’ to be a feature film.

ABC drama movie: “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America!”
Armchair Generalist says “Yeah. We need to know how the avian bird flu is going to wipe out humanity…

‘Whad’ya think? Can you fix it?’
A damaged F/A-18’s long road to rejoin the fleet.


1TB on a CD? Holographic storage coming soon
A bit of discussion about lifespan in the comments.

Cruise Missiles do Recon?
We can’t be doing that. That would be stupid. (I guess I can see a few Tomahawk recon flights into Iraq before the air strikes, maybe…)

Struggling with the Concept of a Volunteer Military
We won’t fight your wars!” it says. Okay. (More pics and lots of discussion at Blackfive.)

Winds of War
So many links. So little time.

The PAO Conversation
Grim notes a discussion he had at the MilBlog Conference. Great stuff.

Here are a few MilBlog Conference links:

  • Milbloggers Conf Hot Wash
  • The Milblog Conference (Blackfive)
  • Why The Mil-Blogging Conference was Important…
  • Milblogging Conference 2006 (A Swift Kick)
  • MilBlog Conf Pics
  • Blogs link families with children at war
  • The Colonel Hunt Welcome Mat

Top contractors compete for plane
The race for the Joint Cargo Aircraft heats up.

Next Generation Soyuz TMA Getting Ready For Flight
Rooskies go digital.

Life Aboard USS Reagan Revolves Around Support to Iraq
Good write-up. A few pics.

Amazing shot cited as self-defense
Police bullet lodged in gunman’s weapon

Introducing the Hummer H8
Profanity alert!


  1. The cruise missile recon idea isn’t *so* stupid, with a proviso. If more powerful explosives can be packed in there to give an equivalent bang while freeing up some weight/room, and a camera can be fitted, then cruise missiles could capture pictures on their way to strike a target, which might be useful for follow-up strikes. Hey, if it can be done, why not? I guess the downside is it may give the enemy a way to get warning that a missile is inbound from the RF emissions. Could be solved with a very directional antenna (satellite uplink?).

  2. Why not have cruise missles do recon? Target drones were used to do recon in hazardous areas in Vietnam. Of course, those were recovered, because they used film. I assume they’re using some sort of satellite uplink to get the info to the people who use it.

  3. In the concerns about the border: Why don’t they invent a flashbang type of bouncing betty landmine? Would instantly give away the illegal immigrant and as a bonus blind him. Just need to use a hovercraft to apprehend the victim.

  4. Upgrading a cruise missile for recon should not be a major issue. The datalink bandwidth would have to be enlarged, but the new multi-strike cruise missiles already have BDA (Bomb damage Assessment) capabilities. As for explosives – the metastable explosive research is proceeding. The real issue is clearing the procedural roadblocks that prevent fielding the new explosives.