Murdoc on the road

I’m headed out to the MilBlog Conference. Posting will be light.


  1. OT: I am still trying to locate IA non-Soviet origin armor. This is what I have – 573x Akrep/Scorpion Lt Tank (100 Delv in 2005 w/rest in 2006; unk loc/assign) – 43x ASV-150/XM-1117 ISV (unk rcpt/loc/assign) – 72x Shorland APC/ISV (unk rcpt/loc/assign) – 170x M113 APC (1of? seen in Tall Afar (3Div?); 8 assign 1SOF; remainder unk loc/assign) – 100x Spartan APC (unk loc/assign) – 600x DZIK3 (rcvd 44 2005, cont delv thru 2007 w/poss doubling of order; 4x 6Div MP Co, ?x 2-4 Bde; remainder unk loc/assign) – 100x 4×4 Reva APC (MOI units; 2Cdo Bde; ???) – 44x Panhard M3 (unk loc/assign) – ?x Panhard VCR (4 seen on Fox w/3-1 Bde; unk total no/loc/assign) – 20x Fuchs (unk loc/assign)