Murdoc has entered the building

The dust is settling from the first annual MilBlog Conference, though the shockwaves may be reverberating for a while yet. A good time was had by all.

I’ll have more to say about some things that were covered at the conference in the days to come, but I first want to point out some of the great folks I was finally able to meet. Many of them are guys (and gals) that I read on a regular basis, and some of them are folks that I have extensively communicated with electronically over the past few years. But nothing can take the place of meeting face to face, shaking a hand, and tipping back a few with your comrades-in -blogs.

First, Murdoc’s hat is off to Andi of Andi’s World. She was the driving force behind this, and the stunning success is due in large part to her efforts.

Also, Buckethead of the Ministry of Minor Perfidy was kind enough to show me what the Mall is like on a rainy day and guide me to the first stop on the planned MilBlog Pub Crawl. The rain put a damper on the Crawl Buckethead organized (we only ended up hitting two spots, Finn McCool’s Irish Public House and Marty’s) but the festivities were nonetheless, um, festive.

Others I was able to spend a great deal of time with include:

  • John Noonan and Charlie Munn of OpFor, formerly at www.enlisted guys don’t come
  • Pinch from Instapinch
  • Bill Roggio from The Fourth Rail
  • Heidi from Euphoric Reality
  • CJ of A Soldier’s Perspective
  • Col Austin Bay (Conference MC) of Austin
  • Matt from Blackfive
  • Uncle Jimbo from Military Matters
  • The Donovans from Castle Argghhh!
  • Chuck from From My Position
  • Rachelle the Army Wife
  • Princess Cat from A Swift Kick & A Band-aid
  • Grim from Grim’s Hall

Fortunately, Murdoc bailed before things got real messy.

(I mentioned to Buckethead that between five regular writers at the Ministry, we expect more than a couple posts a week from the lot of them. They call the low output “being Rossed” after their historically frequency-challenged member Ross, but every time I click over and there’s nothing new, Murdoc feels he’s “being hosed”. At least he’s not bitter about it.)


  1. It was great to finally meet the reclusive and mysterious Murdoc. I’m sorry the weather was uncooperative, but that is merely one more thing about Washington that I have no control over whatsoever. Today, though, is gorgeous. I can attest to the puissantness of the conference, which even to my bleary, hungover eyes was remarkable. The number of fascinating and just downright cool people was staggering. As a side note, apparently, the tortuous drive back to the wilds of Michigan has tired the Murdoc to the point that he has made several typos in the post above. While he may feel hosed at the low output over at perfidy, he should attend to the beam in his own eye before picking at the mote in ours.

  2. Ah-ha!!! So this is where you hang out! Now I know exactly where to find you. *evil grin* Well, you’re a few steps ahead of me. I don’t have a full recap up yet. I’m still buried under email. 😛 I cannot remember the last time I was without email for four days straight. Remind me not to do that again! This afternoon, about half-way through, I just walked away and went to watch a Tivo’d episode of American Idol! 🙂 I just wanted to drop in and say it was great to meet you. I wish I’d gotten to talk with you more, and I didn’t get to spend time with nearly as many people as I wanted to! All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, though! Huge kudos to Andi! I’ll be back.

  3. Glad to have shared several drinks with you, photos are incriminating, and unless you send $20 bucks to the Casa De Dust, I will publish them…..

  4. Murdoc, It was great to meet you and I’m thrilled that you came out and had a good time. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to chat. Next year….. All the Best, Andi

  5. Murdoc, In talking with you prior to the trip to Washington you had mentioned that you were not planning on tipping too many back. Based on all the posts and the links to other sites, you may have had a bit extra to drink…I am interested in seeing those incriminating photos! BDR

  6. So…you made it all the way down from Michigan and I hosed out with a pansy excuse of a toothache… For what it’s worth, the root canal went well this evening…until the novacaine wore off. No matter. You never showed for the drinking, so what could I have possibly missed. Good thing I’m not bitter about it… Cheers!

  7. Buckethead: ‘Several typos’? Well, that’s actually better than par for the Murdoc course. Redhead Infidel: Did you get the lowdown on the handgun you were asking about? I meant to catch back up with the discussion but Blackfive, Instapinch, and the OpFor guys hijacked me. Army Wife: Incriminating photos?!? Send them on! Look forward to seeing them! I’ve been having trouble getting a photo of myself for my banner. Maybe you’ve got a good one. Andi: With so many cool folks there it was tough to talk to everyone as much as I wanted. Great to meet you and great job! You ROCK. BDR: Being a teetotaller, I skipped the Friday night fun. But these MilBlog crazies forced me to partake on Saturday… Steve: I totally didn’t see you at the Pub! There were several guys I really wanted to talk to and didn’t even meet at all, and you were at the top of the list. You did a GREAT job on your panel, though. (Speaking of root canals, isn’t that what we all had during the presentation at lunch?) Cannoneer: Thanks for posting the link! Grim’s got a ton of great stuff and I totally don’t ever link him. He’s a great guy with a great site, and he was actually WORKING at the conference this weekend while I was apparently getting compromising photos taken of myself… (I’m not sure I can actually say that about the root canal = presentation thing…I post occasionally at DefenseTech…But it’s a volunteer gig, so nya nya nya nya nya nyaaaaaa!)

  8. I passed you in the hall just outside the conference and should have grabbed you when I had the chance. I wanted to tell you in person how much I like your blog. I’ll try harder next year! And you had better make the pub crawl next time!