Tony Snow

Tony Snow likely to take White House post

I’ve meant to write about this several times, but I’ve been freakin’ lazy. Besides, the Bush Administration could put Gandhi in as Press Secretary and we’d still hear about how the Bush administration is too hard on the White House press corpse.

I liked Tony Snow (for the most part) when he anchored ‘Fox News Sunday’. That was the one news program I watched regularly, but since he stepped down I’ve not tuned in very often. I’m not sure that being Murdoc’s favorite TV news personality qualifies one for White House Press Secretary, but it’s got to count for something.

For what it’s worth, I hope it’s Snow. I think he’d probably do as well as anyone in that no-win position, and he’s generally got his ducks in a row when he argues a point. But we all know that the Press Secretary gets marching orders, so I guess we’ll have to see.

If Snow’s not available but the administration wants to stick with the Fox News connection, maybe they could try Col. David Hunt. Even for a week or so, just to cause a few aneurysms among press corpse members.


  1. Unfortunately, an aneurysm wouldn’t stop most of the press corp from writing. Being brain dead hasn’t stopped them so far.

  2. Hell, put Kim du Toit in, he even volunteered for it! You want to talk about a bunch of ‘journalists’ having purple kittens with pink spots…

  3. Me, I’m for Uncle Jimbo. Who has also volunteered. But Snow is a good choice – he will be a reasonably eloquent mouthpiece for an administration that is in dire need of eloquence.