Military Transformation Uplink

The April edition is up at Winds of Change. Sort of a Super-Linkzookery focused exclusively on the military and transformation:

Some of This Month’s Targets of Opportunity Include: UAV plans; killer drone swarms; WALRUS mega-blimp extict?; Russian airlift for NATO; Hydras and Hellfire; space challenges; Secret weapon: two-way radios; Nano-sensors; Fighter jets as battlefield surveillance – brilliant or dumb?; money-saving supercarriers?; Littoral Combat Ships; Missile defense updates; Energy conservation now a Pentagon issue.

Murodc simply fails to see how you can top this. Don’t miss it.


  1. The reason the Walrus was cancelled was because it is the stupidest idea anyone has ever thought of, plain and simple. Who ever wasted my tax dollars on the concept of concentrating lots of high dollar military assets in a huge, slow moving vehicle with a radar return signature of previously unimaginable size should be fired then shot – twice to make sure they are dead. This is the military of the future, moving more slower? Yeah, real cutting edge. Way to buck the trend of smaller, lighter, faster, you idiots.