IED cameramen caught

Anti-Iraqi Forces camera crew busted

Soldiers from the 172nd Stryker brigade ARE targeting journalists:

The troops noticed the two men video taping their convoy as they conducted a security patrol in the city. As soon as the Soldiers began to move towards the camera crew, the two individuals scrambled in an attempt to flee. Effective maneuvering allowed the troops to box in the men without incident.

A quick search of the car the AIF were driving yielded two IED initiating devices. The men both claimed they were hired to videotape the activities of coalition forces during patrols in the area.

Both men tested positive for explosives residue and were taken to a coalition detention facility for processing.

Via Chuck Simmins, who also points out Failed terrorist attack.


  1. Hey what do you want to bet they are ‘american media’ stringers on assignment. Wouldnt be the first time thats for sure.

  2. At what point can we start shooting these people as saboteurs? Maybe our guys are just handing them off to the Iraqi forces to be properly fed and properly shot.