But was it “breached” or “overtopped”?

Paul at Wizbang:

The USA Today story about the administration tracking every phone call in the country looks like it is crumbling faster than a Corps of Engineers built levee.

For the record, Murdoc is not necessarily opposed to NSA “eavesdropping”.

From Google News, Exhibit A:

From NRO via OpFor. As Smash sez:

No further comment is necessary.


  1. Listen, I just want to say that, yes, I called Sarah after we broke up, but… I only called her 275 times because she had a cd that belonged to me. Don’t believe those NSA ppl who say that I left messages about how I ‘loved her’ or ‘wanted her back’. The NSA is scamming you! Don’t trust them! Oh, the NSA isn’t doing that kind of surveillance? Oh, forget it then. Nothing to see here.