The “3D Rule”: Deny Deny Deny

Yesterday MO noted a Wizbang post showing that the latest NSA wiretapping brouhaha story was collapsing as the telecommunications companies in question began to deny the claims that they were logging every call in the US and turning the data over to the Gestapo.

A little birdie tipped Murdoc off to this at Think Progress:

New Presidential Memorandum Permits Intelligence Director To Authorize Telcos To Lie Without Violating Securities Law

In recent days, AT&T, Bell South and Verizon have all issued statements denying that they’ve handed over phone records to the NSA, as reported by USA today.

There are three possibilities:

1) The USA Today story is inaccurate;

2) The telcos left enough wiggle room in the statements that both the USA Today story and their statements are accurate; or

3) The statements from the telcos are inaccurate.

Ordinarily, a company that conceals their transactions and activities from the public would violate securities law. But an presidential memorandum signed by the President on May 5 allows the Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, to authorize a company to conceal activities related to national security. (See 15 U.S.C. 78m(b)(3)(A))

There is no evidence that this executive order has been used by John Negroponte with respect to the telcos. Of course, if it was used, we wouldn’t know about it.

True? Wouldn’t be surprising. Used in this case? Very possible. Warranted? Perhaps.

Murdoc’s got some fairly strong feelings about this issue. What do you guys think about the idea that the telcos may be lying because of a Presidential memo?


  1. I think the leakers and their accomplolices should be rounded up gagged and thrown in jail (this is one case were I would support Supermax over Death). Sedition is Sedition and it is illegal and should be enforced. But to the story here would provide link but can’t remember who broke it down. Had said that the Telco’s were not lying because the reporters were asking about internal domestic calling being turned over. By that the tacos were not turning over internal domestic but they were turning over all the ‘long distance’ calling records. The long distant records would include the ones to and from foreign AQ or AQ prone areas of the world aka Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, ect– Don’t know if this is the case or not. Personally I have no problem with the gov listening on my phone calls as long as it only is for national security (big reason why I think the patriot act this tapping thing should be limited to CIA, NSA no FBI, simply being the FBI has a lot of other type of work domestic spying would help but that would degrade our freedoms and would in most cases ruin prosecutions). My personal view on this is that the reason the Dems are so horrified by the idea of this spying on known terrorist and then expanding out to those who speak with them to determine if they are a threat or not. The reason being in my opinion is that they are scared sh*tless a whole lot of them and their supporters are going to be caught and rounded up for their anti-US work (or at least proven with say phone records and even recorded conversations). Example being Cindy Sheehan (or any LLL radicalized leader): She has meet with Chavez open enemy who has dealed with Hamas, Iran, and who knows who else he didn’t want on open TV admitted to. Cindy herself and her talks with Chavez may not have been about killing Americans or supporting such but very likely anit-war anti-US inflaming of sentiment was talked. The problem being how can the Dems know Chavez didn’t get a wild hair and throw a chunk of money on a Hamas guy who moonlights for AQ in attacking the US. In this case when it hits the fan the call tree going from the Hamas associate all the way down to Cindy who has regular meeting with Dems from Murtha-Kennedy. Those meeting may not be about killing US citizens by way of terrorism but I would bet those meeting and especially the calls to Chavez would not be very appealing to the US pop played on TV after Chavez got tied financially to some Hamas moonlighting AQ guy. Sedition would turn to screams of open treason real quick I would wager. Bottom line they are scared to death of being splashed on front-page news their conversations with open anti-American enemies. Even if by way of 3rd parties like Sheehan and her ilk. When you lay with pigs you are bound to get some dirt on you. I would imagine those private conversations with Chavez and Cindy or the NAACP guy would make for some shocking tapes.

  2. This issue does not really make sense. First off access to Pin registers do not require a warrant. Secondly, handing over the registers would not do the NSA any good. The time lag issue. 3rd I doubt there was any ‘offical’ turn over. Most likely the NAS was given access. Being given access is of course meaningless, since the NSA already taps cable and sat com traffic. Arguing about spying on American is a pointless excercise. Anytime you make a long distance, cell (and even some local land line) calls, your call is going to get picked up by the scoops.