Active Duty troops info included in lost data

Personal info on 2.2M troops part of VA data theft

It’s hard to believe, but the story gets worse:

Personal information on about 2.2 million active-duty National Guard and Reserve troops was included in data stolen last month from a government employee’s house, officials said yesterday in the latest revelation of a widening scandal.

This means nearly all current U.S. military personnel may be at risk for identify theft, the Pentagon said.



  1. I can’t help but wonder if the publicization of this case has informed the person/people who stole the laptop that its contents are valuable. Was anything else stolen at the same time? If so this might have been ordinary break-in and the perps. had no idea what they had, and neither did the fence. Has this being in the news changed that? I hope not.

  2. Ironically, this and other instances like this are caused by demand for privacy. The constant spector of ‘Big Brother’ has created this sistuation. Since the government cannot create an identity database from which we could create a private key identity authentication system, personal identity is now a hodge podge of non-secure data elements. Right now personal privacy is a myth since we have no secure means of establishing our identity.

  3. Shorter James: The Decepticons can hardly be blamed for yet another national security screw up while we still have civil rights left.