UPDATED Zarqawi strike video

UPDATE: CENTCOM servers seem to be back up and humming. Here’s the full video:

Full Zarqawi Strike (5.8MB .wmv 2:10)

I’ll leave the partial up below. It’s got the most important bits, anyway.

CENTCOM.mil seems hosed. I had finally managed to start downloading the video of the air strike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi when it went down.

I did manage to get the first 40 seconds of the video, which inlcudes a couple views of the hit.

Check it out: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Strike (1.85MB 0:40 of 2:10)

If you link, please link to this post, not to the video itself.

If anyone has the full video, let me know and I’ll toss it up.


  1. Spin: Zarqawi launches successful suicide-bomb attack on CENTCOM server! Intentionally leaks own location to bring down imperialist infidel IT infrastructure! First known case of suicide slashdotting!

  2. Something else for the tinfoil hat brigade: If you were watching the house from across the street and say 500ft agl, it would look just like a Christian cross of smoke and dust when the bomb first landed.

  3. It might be that a certain person learned of the video’s URL a few moments before Centcom released it publicly. It could be he wrote a bunch of his friends with the link. It couuld be that Michelle put the link up and oops… Anyway, it provides the soldiers with a good excuse to ask for a server upgrade.

  4. For the video, when you download it the file is Zaqarwi_Clip.wvx. For read the video you need to change the name of the file .wvx by .wmv.

  5. Here you have the video of the air strike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (5,9 Mo): http://www.mnf-iraq.com/feature/Jun/060608a.htm http://www.mnf-iraq.com/zarqawi/video/Zaqarwi_Clip.wmv