Or, at least it will continue as soon as someone clears his weapon for him…


Is it me, or does this appear to be, well, cheeleading for the other team?

I mean, really. Not “this doesn’t seem to help us any”. Not “this doesn’t seem balanced”.

More like “this seems to be memorializing Big Z, comforting those who feel loss, and vowing to carry on the struggle”.

Incidentally, the same CNN front page shows this:


I direct your attention to the link to the video. The one with the little camera in front of it.

We all know that they weren’t “missiles”, at least not “missiles” as missiles are referred to in modern warfare. They were 500-pound bombs. I point this out not to nit pick, but to use it to illustrate a time when I don’t have too much of a problem with journalists clueless about the military. In this case, it doesn’t really change any meaning or implication to call them missiles instead of bombs, so (while still a bit irritated that CNN can’t do a better job on its front page) I can let this slide.

Which I’m sure will mollify critics who are unhappy that i just said CNN was actively cheerleading for the enemy. (Which, in case you’re wondering, Murdoc considers “unpatriotic”.)


  1. in light of the recent passing of 6june2006, marking the devastating/overwhelming/gallant action on the northern french shores of some 62 years ago by allied forces…………i wonder what the dumba**es at CNN would have used as a headline on june 8, 1944. i don’t even want to speculate.

  2. If CNN could just pay our own soldiers such respect when their sacrifices are splashed across the CNN site with no such ‘Soldiers will fight on’ rally point with words in the subscript for ‘experts’ who proclaim their sacrifices will not stop the coalition forces or the Iraqi people. I can’t ever remember seeing a CNN article with either dead US soldiers or dead Iraqi’s (soldiers or civilians) that have any such chasers or ‘expert’ tags supporting the chaser. Sedition is a crime and should be treated just as such. Yes Hell Yes I question their patriotism and think maybe they don’t deserve jail but I would with a clear conscience permanently revoke their citizenship and put them on a plane to their choice of nation. CNN has allowed the KOS and Atrios crowd to infiltrate their ranks to the point were we have black X’s on VP’s faces, wild sub titles, mistake after mistake that always somehow hurts the US side, Presidential addresses are started early on the rehearsal shot, and title after title after title either demoralizing the home moral or like this case out right giving support to a badly wounded enemy’s moral.

  3. Why can’t we just put sleeper moderates into the media? These sleeper moderates act just like their liberal co-workers until they reach high ranks in the corporation – then they activate. Almost everything can be corrupted if you know how…which is exactly what Abramhoff did…

  4. The bias of the holier-than-thou main stream media never fails to amaze me. Not only the apologist rhetoric for the enemy, but the insatiable need to sensationalize the weapons used. ‘Missile’ is just so much sexier than ‘bomb’, don’t you think? I mean watch the local news in your city or town and how many people are killed with ‘assault’ or ‘high powered’ rifles? We had a story here in Texas a while back of a father who shot his son’s football coach. Initially he was shot with an ‘assault rifle’ which was later changed to a ‘large caliber’ handgun, which in the end turned out to be a 9mm. I guess that was just too boring.

  5. Jorma, Well, I would have to wonder whether anti-gun America has any clue what a 9mm round even looks like, or even what those 9 millimeters actually measure, let alone whether it’s a big or small round. Of course, alot of that’s perspective. A friend who ran afoul of some civil constabulary in Texas and ended up looking down the barrel of a 9mm said it looked as big as a manhole cover. And of course, two in the chest and one in the head will kill you pretty thoroughly, be it 9mm right on up. If I had a point when I started, I don’t have one now so I’ll shut up.

  6. Yea! Not soon enough, and I suspect they’ll just have someone else step up to the plate, and that there’ll be at least a temporary increase in violance (retaliatory, but long overdue nonetheless!