Correction to the Murtha correction

Everyone’s favorite ex-Marine deserves another headline. On June 26th, guest-blogger Instapinch noted that Rep. Murtha (D-PA) said “American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran”.

This story generated a tide of “the quote was taken out of context!” cries, including in the comments section to the post. Instapinch then noted three days later that the South Florida Sun-Sentinel had published a correction to their story, claiming that Murtha had been citing a Pew poll.

That may be, but he didn’t mention the poll. He delivered it as if he was delivering a sentence for Marines who killed in cold blood. Watch the video of the quote and tell me if Murtha was trying to make a point or merely reporting poll results.

Blackfive asks “Why is the left so concerned and why would the Sun-Sentinel change it’s story?”

Murtha’s not on our side.