Hit and Missile in the ol’ DPRK

Here are a few more missile notes:

  • Our space shuttle works better than their ICBM. This should demoralize them greatly.
  • On DefenseTech: Missile Flop: Norks in Tight Spot
  • Reuters reports that they’re preparing to launch another Taepodong-2
  • The AP reports that they’re preparing to launch 3 or 4 more medium-range missiles
  • The two preceding links via Wizbang.
  • Austin Bay points out that mobilie launchers were possibly used in some of the launches. Bad news if we decide we have to take them out.
  • Dean Esmay has some Truth About North Korea
  • The Examiner asks “Where are ‘Star Wars’ critics now?”
  • A predictable discussion about National Missile Defense follows at Wizbang.
  • Strategy Page points out that the DPRK is stealing trains that bring in aid from China.
  • NORTHCOM detected all missile launches. Interceptor missiles were ready if needed.


  1. What I find inexcusable is the defense industry response to the political infighting between the Democrats and Republicans on this issue. Once it became a political football, the defense industry knew it could drag out development for as long as possible. Any failures they had were covered by the infeasibility arguments the Democrats were making. They even keep quotes like ‘hitting a bullet with a bullet’ on their websites to make it seem like they aren’t milking the US taxpayer in slow, over 2 decade development of these systems. The waste is inexcusable. The fact that prominent scientists were willing to lie in front of Congress by testifying to the ‘impossibility’ of developing missile defense systems is embarrassing. The fact these people are not suffering any consequences for their actions is again inexcusable. None of it will get better unless you, the person footing the bill, demand that it get better from your elected officials.

  2. Maybe we shot down their missiles with our secret orbital beam weapon. It would be a really fun way of screwing with the North Koreans as they try to figure out why the damn missiles won’t work.

  3. Bram: Yesterday while discussing this I had the following thought process in about ten seconds: 1) Our ABM system has virtually no chance of hitting incoming ICBMs 2) We know this because the tests have gone so badly 3) Unless the ‘failures’ are a smokescreen for a truly successful system 4) But keeping it secret would defeat the purpose of a deterrent defensive weapon 5) Unless it’s so good that we’re actually goading folks into shooting at us 6) So we can shoot the missiles down and they won’t know what ‘went wrong’ 7) That’s brilliant 8) And very freaking unlikely LOL!