Rooskies score!

Chechen Terrorist Shamil Basayev Killed by Russian FSB

I hate to applaud the killing of anyone, no matter how justified. But this is excellent, excellent news. Go read Bill Roggio’s whole post. And the coverage at Gateway Pundit. Threats Watch points out a recent book on the Beslan incident.

And if you don’t agree that this is excellent news, check out HBO’s documentary ‘Children of Beslan‘. Shot on location, only interviewing surviving children. They tell you in their own words what happened. They show you where they watched their parents or siblings killed. They tell you about how they drank urine because there was no water. They tell you about the dreams they have today. They tell you themselves. Things like “They yelled at us and made us stand over here. Then they shot my father and threw him out that window.”

Not for the feint of heart. A thousand times more traumatic than ‘United 93’. Ten thousand times more traumatic. Murdoc wept through most of it. Not cried. Wept.

I’m glad someone got that bastard. I’m going to toast the Rooskies tonight. And Murdoc never drinks to the Rooskies.


  1. I start to shake with rage when I see pictures of the Beslan attack. I doubt I could sit through the documentary. Good for the Ruskies.