“No more wire hangers!”

Folks, last week I linked to Instapinch’s post featuring an experiment proving that plane crashes couldn’t have destroyed the World Trace Center using rabbit fencing.

But that was Moonbat Episode II.

The prequel features, um, well, just go look. Really.

The fact that rabbit fencing was his second attempt at this, incorporating all that was learned the first time around, should give you a hint that Episode I is a real treat.


  1. If the titles is supposed to be a reference to the movie Mommy Dearest, it should read ‘No more wire hangers!’

  2. I heard stories of steel framed buildings becoming warped during fires before 11th September 2001. I found it hard to believe at the time. Steel, warped, twisted and sagged, from a simple fire? But firemen said they saw it, and structural engineers said that steel loses much of its strength in a high temperature building fire and the weight of the building causes it to fail. Sorry, but this guy’s wire hanger and rabbit cage experiments aren’t going to change that.

  3. Gosh, this web page took me all of 2 minutes to find on Google. I quote:

    # Landmark 29-floor tower on Madrid skyline remained standing despite a 26-hour, multiple-floor fire. # Despite a complete burn-out, the strength provided by a technical concrete floor, plus the passive fire resistance of the building’s concrete core and frame, prevented the building from collapse. # The only part of the building to collapse was the network of steel perimeter columns supporting the slab on the upper floors.

  4. Nicholas, unless you are card carrying member of the American Institute of Steel Construction and have 36 years experience as a structural enginer for SOM in Chicago, please SHUT UP. The WTC failed for several reasons unique to its construction and the nature of having jet fuel burn in an enclosed space. A regular building fire is not going to have the same factors contributing to collapse. Exposed steel is extremely dangerous in a fire and if you have trouble understanding this please read the relevant chapters of international building code (hint: it’s extensively covered) and consult http://www.aisc.org.

  5. Huh? That’s what I said. The fire I referred to specifically said that the building burning was intact *except for the steel beams* which failed. Therefore it seems quite clear that a building which relies on steel for its structural strength can easily collapse as the result of an intense, contained fire. No, I’m not a construction engineer, but what have I said that’s objectionable? Unless you can actually point out what I’ve said that’s wrong, I don’t see why I should ‘shut up’.

  6. BF : I think I’m taking some ‘friendly fire’ here. Yes, I said that steel melting in a fire is hard to believe. But I’ve heard multiple, reputable sources say that it happens. So I believe them. It doesn’t actually have to turn molten as such, if it gets hot enough it loses its strength and is bent by the weight pressing down on it. Clearly these rabbit cage/coat hanger experiments do not accurately represent that fact (and are in fact a waste of coat hangers and rabbit cages). I quoted a case of a building with structural steel failures during a building fire as supporting this. I’m not exactly sure why you seem convinced I’m using it as evidence against that. Yes, the building remained intact, but that web page is explicit in saying that the reason is because its structure was re-inforced with concrete. The steel-supported bits failed. I thought that was pretty clear. Sorry about the confusion…

  7. Nicholas: Stop trying to convince everyone that steel is absolutely indestructible and that the WTC should have been constructed of rabbit fencing with a coat hanger core. You are obviously as deranged as Howard Dean, and a pinko commie to boot! LOL! Blue Falcon: I think you misread Nicholas’ comment. Leigh: Oops. You are absolutely correct. I will change it…

  8. MO: NO WIRE HANGERS EVER!!! Nicholas: unless you have a PhD in creative writing from a respectable institution and at least 30 years of published work, SHUT UP. You don’t need to be writing.

  9. What’s funnier than the wire is the drawing of the airplane. If you crashed a nuclear submarine into the dirt at 300 mph it wouldn’t penetrate like that. What kind of moron dreams up stuff like that? Even worse, what kind of moron believes those morons?

  10. I’m sorry Nicholas, I thought you were refering to the same example as in that demented conspiracy video. I can’t sit down with any of my wife’s friends without them starting to ask questions about the bloody thing. Nothing gets under my skin more than pseudo scientific crap peddled by conspiracy theorists, especially when it is giving aid to those who want to commit atrocities against us. Anyway, the biggest problem with steel construction and fire is the connections made between girders and columns. Any rigid joint that starts to fail immediately becomes a hinge joint which can result in a cascade of additional and potentially catastrophic failures due to forces placed on the rest of the frame. If it weren’t for safety factors, an otherwise perfectly intact frame could collapse from the failure of a single weld. This doesn’t account for the other structural systems within the building, but its understandable how things can go horribly wrong in the right circumstances.