‘Shot’ vs. ‘Tackled’

Coker tells Miami players no guns allowed on Hurricanes

In the wake of a shooting incident last week near the Miami (Fla.) campus, Hurricanes coach Larry Coker said he plans to discourage players from owning handguns.

“I don’t really want our players to have firearms. I’d rather they would dial 911 to come and handle those type of problems,” Coker said at ACC Football Kickoff media days Monday.

Hurricanes reserve safety Willie Cooper was shot in the buttocks outside his home last Friday morning by an unknown person who fled after Cooper’s roommate, safety Brandon Meriweather, the Hurricanes’ leading tackler last season, returned gunfire. Police said Meriweather used his gun legally because he has a permit for the gun.

This story is in the USA Today, which recently explained that a bystander “tackled” a person who went on a rampage with a knife, rather than write that the bystander had used a 9mm handgun to scare off the attacker.

I’m wondering why they didn’t write this time that Cooper was tackled (he’s a football player, after all) rather than shot, and that Meriweather tackled (he’s a football player, after all, and the team’s leading, um, tackler) the attacker. (via GunPro)


  1. I don’t really want our players to have firearms. I’d rather they would dial 911 to come and handle those type of problems,’ Is he truly that clueless? Mugger: ‘Give me your waller or I’ll kill you.’ You: ‘9… 1… *bang*’ Or is his plan basically for everyone to be victims? ’cause if it is, count me out.

  2. Or to use the actual example from that story… Crazy guy: ‘I’m going to stab you with this knife.’ You: ‘9… 1… *unhhh*’

  3. Now, I seem to remember most college students, freshmen through juniors, anyway, being under 21, and thus unable to purchase handguns. (That law is unjust age discrimination, but that’s a different debate.) Maybe Coach Coker should simply tells his players not to hang out with the kinds of people who are likely to shoot at them.

  4. Let me get this straight… Cooper’s assailant ran away after Meriweather returned fire, and the coach is DISCOURAGING ownership of handguns? Meriweather–and his gun–could have saved Cooper’s life by preventing his attacker from firing additional shots! If the quoted article is supposed to be frowning upon civilian firearm ownership, it’s shooting itself in the foot. (no pun intended)