UPDATE : What the numbers really say

Over at the USS Clueless Steven DenBeste also has a post on the MSNBC poll I mentioned. Although he doesn’t take issue with the headlines, he definitely makes the point that the Democrats are really clutching at staws when they play the “Bush Lied” card.

He even quoted the same passages that I did. Or rather, I quoted the same passages as he did. But, although he posted last night and I didn’t post until this morning, I swear I hadn’t read his when I wrote mine. And he also has this to say:

Never mind that the political decision for war had been made in October, when Congress (including the Senate, which was controlled by the Democrats at the time) passed an authorization for war under the War Powers Act.

Very few remember this little point.

And don’t be afraid to check out his post. It isn’t all that long. Really.