What the numbers really say

Doubts rise on credibility of evidence for Iraq war

Under the front page link of “Doubts rise on Iraq war credibility” is a report that includes

Forty-seven percent said they believed Bush exaggerated the evidence, while 48 percent said he presented the most complete information he had.


But respondents faulted Democrats for making too much of the issue. More than half, 56 percent, said the Democrats were “playing politics” by accusing Bush of making misleading claims, compared with 30 percent who said the criticism was valid.
Nor has the drop in trust shaken Americans’ underlying belief that the war was proper. More than two-thirds–69 percent–continue to believe the United States “should have taken military action,” down a statistically insignificant 2 points from May.

It’s a good report on the first poll taken since Bush publicly took responsibility for including those sixteen awful words in the State of the Union speech. I just think the link and the headline are a little misleading.

I’m just saying.