Friday Linkzookery – 15 Sep 2006

Back by popular demand! Bigger and badder than ever. (Mostly ‘badder’ – Ed.)

HK417 Weapon System
The HK416 5.56 Carbine Gets a 7.62mm Big Brother

DARPA Opts To End Boeing-Led X-50A Dragonfly UAV Effort
The effort to design a working helicopter that stops its rotor for forward fixed-wing flight fails. For now.

The LN-260 fiber-optic gyro inertial navigation system for their F-5 Tiger II Adversary Fleet Support Fighter
Just guessing, but this upgrade probably makes our adversary fighters twice as capable as Iran’s new “super fighters“…

Naval Air Station Keflavik Disestablishes After 45 Years
Wasn’t this one of the pivotal battlegrounds in Clancy’s ‘Red Storm Rising’?

.50 BMG inadequate? Try 20mm
Just throwing 20mm rounds at someone will cause damage. Just think what they do when you fire them…

Point: Princeton report slams Diebold touch-screen systems
Counterpoint: Diebold says “They’re poor researchers”

Andrew Olmstead on ‘Decision in the West’
Murdoc hasn’t read the book, but it sounds like it’s in line with his personal Civil War opinions.

Harvard Defends Khatami Visit
Boston Maggie has a list of reasons why hosting the Hezbollah apologist is, to say the least, distasteful. A long list.

Perhaps “Predictability” Would Be More Appropriate
Bickmuppet Blog has a Successories (of sorts) poster for “Expendability”. Even my little girl has figured this one out.

This may explain some things
I’ve seen this before, but Bettnet runs down some interesting statistics.

Hybrid Engine Brings Silent Death
Arm this thing with guns silencers and you could fight the good fight without even waking the neighbors.

Predators to the Rescue
UAVs finally cleared to help with disaster recovery operations.

Japanese air defense forces begin U.N. missions
For the first time in their 52-year history, the Japan Air Self Defense Force began its first United Nations mission over Iraq Sept. 6.

T-3A fleet will be destroyed
These trainers have been grounded since a number of fatal accidents at the Air Force Academy in the 1990s.

Air Force prepares to test synthetic fuel on B-52
First flight planned for next Tuesday (19 Sep). The USAF’s goal is to have 50% of its aviation fuel come from synthetics by 2016. Hardly believable, but let’s hope they can pull it off. Or even get close.

Sen. McCain blasts DoD for mixing WTO fight, tanker race
Just when you thought the tanker replacement scenario couldn’t get any more FUBARed…

Area 51: Hype vs. Reality
Defense Tech with a link-rich environment.


  1. The HK417 looks nice – a more reliable AR-10 basicly. Instead of a fixed up AR-10 with G3 magazines, I would prefer the G3 itself.

  2. Fellers, That article on Keflavik really brings back memories. I had deployed there with a det from my squadron. Flew many missions out of there and have some great memories of the area. What was nice wa having some time to visit Rekyavik and see the local sights, and taste some wicked good vodka. The Icelanders also made killer breads and pastries, and we regularly sent shopping lists with crews headed up there to bring back beautiful sweaters and skeins of icelandic wool. I was also tasked colaterally with the Icelandic Defense Force, and got to qual on an honest-to-God BAR… I never knew there were some still in the arsenal… go figure. I’ll miss the area, but not flying out of there. Takeoffs and landing were ALWAYS interesting, often having a 45 degree crab involved… always had a cross-wind. Too bad to see such changes. I suddenly feel old… Respects, AW1 Tim

  3. Having read ‘Red Storm Rising’ about a dozen times and having bought and played three different versions of ‘Harpoon’, yes, Keflavik was important. When Iceland invades Greenland, we’ll be sorry.

  4. That’s great, now defense contractors are being sued by military personnel injured in ‘accidents’. That’s the perfect way to make sure our troops are safe. I’m working on an airplane that crashed recently. The problem is, we can’t fix anything that might have contributed to what happened, because if we do, it is like admitting guilt in a civil suit. The same thing happens with cars. I hope that makes everyone feel safer. When I worked on shuttle, I discovered a box that had a huge bundle of wire running through it. All of the wire was insulated with kapton. The result of the wire bundle burning through is the astronauts die. They wouldn’t fix the problem because of pending lawsuits against commercial aircraft for having kapton wiring. This is a joke. The dimwits who don’t contribute anything to this country see it as a big lottery, and they don’t even mind the fact it has become a big industry to feed money to trial lawyers. Of course, you can’t sue a lawyer. Pretty soon that’ll be the only industry in this country.

  5. ha, I think we had this talk Murdoc, on how Red Storm Rising is one of the greatest books ever written?