More bad employment news

Slowing economy brings tighter job market

This is terrible: Only 51,000 new jobs were added in September.

By just about any measure, the last two years have been good for job seekers: since Sept. 2003, some 5.5 million new jobs have been created.

This might be the first time I’ve heard anything in the media about the past two years being good for job seekers. Apparently, it’s only good when it’s yesterday and today isn’t as good.

The unemployment rate dropped to 4.6%. Call me an optimist, but couldn’t part of the slowdown be because most of the good workers have decent jobs already?

Probably not, of course. We’re all doomed.


  1. Here’s the deal: If the Democrats are in power and they have a 4.6% unemployment rate, the economy is booming. If the Republicans rule, then 4.6% stinks. It’s as simple as that. Remember how when Clinton won the election by saying — with his buddies in the media echoing — how Americans were suffering from economic woes? Two weeks after he won, the NY Times ran a story saying the recession was over. Really. Two weeks. In 2008, it will be even tougher and people such as the GOP’s McCain, etc. are big government Republicans. However, if we want low taxes to continue and a truly booming economy we need a Reagan Conservative in 2008. That might be someone we haven’t even considered. Perhaps a John Cox ( or someone who will talk conservative and actually govern conservative for a change.

  2. Here’s the deal: if there are 29 million new jobs during 8 years of clinton, how many new jobs per month is that? If there are 6 million new jobs per year during 6 years of bush2, how many new jobs per month is that? Now which number is bigger? Now which number is better? Clinton? A lot better you say? and if the labor force participation rate drops from a historic average around 65% and falls to 60% during bush2, what does that tell us about job seekers? That theyve given up looking and are no longer counted in the unemployed figure? so which president produced a better economy for the working class? Oh, and there is an actual official definition for a recession a fall of a country’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in two or more successive quarters of a year. so news orgs arent just reporting opinion that a recession is or is not over. they are reporting facts.