Friday Linkzookery – 03 Nov 2006

A combat illustrator captures the view from the ground in Iraq
Story about “Baghdad and Beyond: Drawings by Steve Mumford”

USB Missile Launcher Reviewed (Verdict: Nobody’s Getting Any Work Done)
Murdoc wants one. Now.

Al-Taei Kidnapping Motive: Ransom?
The near-total lack of info on this makes me wonder what’s going on.

Convoy Stories
DadManly with a few tales and a link to more.

German ‘love witch’ loses court battle
‘Witch’ failed to induce client’s ex-boyfriend to return, told to repay $1,300

Amish couple sue over U.S. Homeland Security photo rule
The photos are required so that the husband, a Canadian citizen, can become a permanent resident. He isn’t required to get his picture taken. Similar stories noted earlier.

The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads
Exactly what it says.

RESET of the US Army’s Vehicle Fleet Continues
DID on the rebuilding/refurbishing of the Army’s vehicles. Includes one of Murdoc’s favored KABOOM! pictures, with a blue cooler strapped to the top of a Marine tank. (Is there money in the budget to Reset the coolers?)

Carrier Cost Catastrophe Coming
The controversy continues for the two new Brit carriers.

Postcards from “The Edge”
Humor. [UPDATE: Since I listed this in the post for today, another U2 development.]

Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Slams American Troops
Almost sounds like he could be, you know, biased or something.

Power Loader Costume
Yes, the power loader from Aliens. Awesome.

Iran bans fast internet to cut west’s influence
As I’ve pointed out before, they’ve also got a major anti-satellite dish program going on. Jerks.

Somalia FM: al-Qaeda Pouring In Terrorists and
War Imminent in Somalia
Don’t make the mistake of thinking US troops won’t be back in Somalia in numbers any time soon.

The Somalia Showdown
Bill Roggio weighs in on Somalia, as well.

After a lengthy pause, a ship is taken by pirates off Somali coast
So does EagleSpeak.

What A Wiki Really Means for the Intelligence Community
US intelligence community’s secret intel wiki.

Litigating the Battlefield
Andi’s World talks to the father of one of the Pendleton 8, a group of seven Marines and one Navy corpsman accused of various charges surrounding the death of an Iraqi man. Andi’s been watching the Pendleton 8 story all along.

DID RECON: 03-11-2006
Defense Industry Daily’s own flavor of zookery.

Ugandan demonstrates how not to recycle munitions
Hey, let’s melt this shell down for scrap..

John Kerry Said What He Meant, The Prequel
Heidi at Euphoric Reality on everyone’s favorite political boob. What cracks me up about all these folks going “John Kerry would never intentionally insult US troops” is that insulting US troops is exactly how he got his start.

Good ‘ol Pussnuts
Chuck at TC Override needs to learn how to stop holding things in. If he could only somehow express how he really feels about John Kerry, he’d probably be better off. (WARNING: Language Alert!)

Lost Moon landing tapes discovered
Still not sure if the data on the tapes, environmental and other info beamed back to earth by the “Early Apollo Scientific Experiment Package” (EASEP) after the Eagle left the surface, can be retrieved from the old recordings. EASEP lasted over a month after the landing.

Top 10 Worst Company URLs

The 109th Congress
A rundown by Baseball Musings.

Kerry’s Stupid Soldiers T-Shirt

Rove You Magnificent Bastard
Boston Maggie with a funny one and some links. I swear, it does look like nearly everything the Dems do is orchestrated by Rove.

Boeing Airborne Laser System Ready for Flight Testing
Sure would be a boost if they could get this thing working. I’m not really holding my breath.

Nun Who Saved Jews in WWII Is Beatified
Sara Salkahazi was killed by the Arrow Cross — the Hungarian allies of the Nazis — on Dec. 27, 1944, for hiding Jews in a Budapest building used by her religious order, the Sisters of Social Service. Previous to that she had helped save about 100 Jews. This was the first beatification in Hungary in over 900 years.

Carnival of Homeschooling
Halloween edition at Why Homeschool.

Solar flares will disrupt GPS in 2011
Solar Maximum hits at that time, and the world is increasingly-dependant on satellite navigation.

8 Films to Die For
The After Dark Horrorfest: Eight films too graphic, disturbing, and shocking for general audiences. One weekend only.

Army Scorpion Expert in Kuwait Stung by Insect, Irony
Sounds like a headline from The Onion (or this blog) but it’s a real DoD story.

CNN: It wasn’t terrorist propaganda before it was
Bettnet on the sniper video.

A grievance with Bush leads to another one
School bus driver fired after flipping off president wants job back

FedEx To Fly Counter Manpads-Equipped MD-10
Someday, maybe all planes will have anti-missile technology and all cars will have V-shaped hulls.

Watch out, Sarge! It’s environmentally friendly fire
BAE Systems, one of the world’s biggest arms manufacturers, is designing a new generation of “green” munitions, including “lead-free” bullets and rockets with reduced toxins.

Text Link Ads
TLA is a great deal for blog publishers. It’s easy and unobtrusive. Highly recommended by Murdoc.