TrackBacks are, um, back

Due in part to popular demand and in part to the fact that the usefulness of Technorati seems to be sinking of late, I have re-enabled the TrackBack feature here on MO. Trackbacks allow readers to see other sites that have linked to my posts here on Murdoc, and encourage folks to check out more discussion related to what’s going down here.

I had disabled trackbacks back in May as most incoming pings were spam. My intention was to use Technorati to list incoming links, but Technorati listings often seem overwhelmed by mere site rebuilds across the blogosphere. The Technorati listings, accessible via the little green logo at the bottom of individual posts, will remain.

So be sure to check out the others who have been kind enough to link to MO, and if you run a site of your own, don’t hesitate to drop a ping in Murdoc’s direction if you’re linking.

BONUS: I forgot to mention that I’ve currently disabled the “nofollow” option on Murdoc Payday Online’s trackbacks. This means, in a nutshell, that if you trackback MO the link will count when Google and other search engines calculate your ranking. Nofollow was developed in order to deter spammers from bombarding blogs with spam, since the links they sent wouldn’t help manipulate search engine rankings. I’m skeptical that it really alters spammers’ behavior in any meaningful way, and I’ve decided that those who link and trackback my site should get a bit of a search engine boost for doing so. So link away.