Bandit Three-Six

MilBlogging from Baghdad:

Saddam Guilty

1201 – Just heard it on the news, Saddam is guilty and the sentence is death. I’ll post updates as the day goes on. Now where’d I put my kevlar…

1230 – First sound of gunfire. Sounds pretty close.

1315 – Initial celebratory gunfire didn’t last long, though I’d be willing to bet that it was only the first round. I bet that when night sets in there will be a lot more, you can’t really see tracers so well during the day.

1430 – Still pretty quiet, haven’t heard any gunfire in the last couple hours.

1500 – Ambassador Khalizad releases a statement on the verdict. Read it here.

1800 – Night fell about a half-hour ago and still no major gunfire. A few pops every now and then, but nothing unusual.

2215 – I’ve heard a few explosions over the last few hours, but nothing that I’d say is extraordinary. On my end it seems like the heightened security did it’s job. Now we just have to see how long until the die-hard knuckleheads start shooting again, but I’m willing to bet that following the verdict that a good portion of the Saddam loyalists will call it quits. I’m hoping that the appeal will be handled quickly and that we’ll see this guy swinging from the nearest palmtree sometime soon. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Go check out b36. The way things are going, the military will be shutting him down any moment.


  1. Murdoc: He already did his property book turnover and has his bags packed. His year is over and he flies out in next week. Been reading him for awhile now. They do not need to shut him down. He is almost done there…