John Murtha’s prediction about troops levels and tomorrow’s election

Just under a year ago, I posted this bit while discussing troop levels in Iraq:

And Rep. Murtha’s prediction on Meet the Press this morning is just crazy:

MR. RUSSERT: You think we’ll be out of Iraq by the end of 2006?

REP. MURTHA: I think we’ll be out of there; if not completely out of there, we’ll be very close to being out of there. I think we could be out–yeah, I predict we’ll be out of there–it’ll be 2006.

MR. RUSSERT: By Election Day 2006?

REP. MURTHA: You–you have hit it on the head.

“You have hit it on the head”. Great quote. Someone’s been hit on the head.

Frank Warner writes:

Election Day 2006 is tomorrow. Obviously, Murtha was wrong. He was wrong to think we could have withdrawn all U.S. troops six months ago without a disaster. He also was wrong to accuse Bush of cynicism enough to lose the war to win an election.

Meanwhile, by Election Day 2006 in the real world, Murtha says the sentencing of Saddam Hussein to death by hanging is irrelevant to US politics, and instead that the important things are editorials in the non-military Military Times criticizing the administration’s war strategy.


  1. I want some of what these Irey voters are smoking. Sorry M. Wednesday morning, your girl will be mopping up a lot of wasted sweat and your boy will have a new gavel to play around with. It’s a time honored formula up there in the Keystone state.. Pennslvania+unions+defense pork=Two more years of your favorite Marine in office. V

  2. V: Irey isn’t ‘my girl’. I’m not pro-Irey…I’m just anti-Murtha. FWIW, I can think of a lot of candidates I’d much rather see out of office than Murtha. Still, if I lived in Pennsylvania, I’d vote Irey.

  3. Murtha is a disease, too bad it looks like Irey isn’t the cure. I cannot see how anyone that talks about the troops like that, wins anywhere but in Boston, Mass., NYC, an LA LA land

  4. Murtha’s prediction was that the Democrats would win big. Why would any military blog do anything else other than go for the Democrats, is beyond me. The only reason all the republican noise machines out there started whoring their way into the military community was in 1979 Democrat (really, independent) Carter blew away the military budget and they had been writing their own check in the post-atomic age for 15 years before that. Horror stories about defunding the military persist today but… EVERY Military victory was under Democrat power. Not one significant military victory has ever been under a Republican commander in chief, except for the Civil war, and thats only because Lincoln was actually a real conservative – the GOP suffers mightily from being in the pockets of the corporations.

  5. Turner: You, um, seemed to have missed the prediction about troops out of Iraq by today. I’m sure he also predicted big Democrat wins at some point, but I didn’t link to them or discuss them. What I did link to then and am linking to now and was discussing then and am discussing now is his very clear very straightforward prediction that all or almost all US troops would be out of Iraq by today. Any feedback on THAT prediction?

  6. From Defense Daily a few days back: Rep. John Murtha and leader of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee and Rep. Curt Weldon chairman of the House Armed Services tactical air and land forces subcommittee brought in more money than anyone else in the House or Senate. Murtha brought in $387,000 from defense industry donations including PACs and individuals, and Weldon received at least $230,000, according to Murtha’s largest contributor was DRS Technologies, which contributed nearly $52,000 to his campaign, but BAE SYSTEMS, Boeing, General Dynamics, L-3 Communications and Lockheed Martin all sent more than $15,000 to Murtha’s campaign, the web site said. Murtha is not considered to be in a close race against Republican Diana Lynn Irey to keep his seat but is reportedly making a bid for House Majority Leader. He certainly has the money advantage, spending $2.5 million. Irey has spent less than a half a million, according to filings. Murtha is someone the Dems can be real proud of. He’s more in-the-pocket of the defense contractors almost any Republican.