Spider Boat? What the heck is a ‘Spider Boat’?

Mysterious “Spider Boat”


What the Hades is that thing? 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Powered by twin diesel engines. Inflatable catamaran pontoons.

Mr. Completely has more pics.


  1. Cutty Sark, she ain’t. We must presume that there is some reason for it’s odd appearance, but I certainly can’t guess what it is. I bet it’s as unsinkable as a battleship though. We could mount the big 16′ guns on it…

  2. I’ve got it. It’s for assisting Ted Kennedy from or to the Kennedy family yatch during vacation periods……..

  3. It certainly is the strangest boat I’ve ever seen! Thanks for the link! …… Mr. C.

  4. ‘It’s for assisting Ted Kennedy from or to the Kennedy family yatch during vacation periods……..’ Maybe it has a special winch for pulling cars from the ocean by Chappaquidic.

  5. It looks like it would stratle a submarine and off load cruise missiles and supplies. Maybe it would actually be stationed in parts on a large mother ship then assembled and loaded out then move at high speed to meet up with a sub out at sea and then back to the mother ship. Wild Bill

  6. I am with James Either MINE SEEPER or SOF Stealth Insertion veichicle of some type if military if not military a cheap observation boat that could confortabley (stable catermaeran) take tourest to site then deflate legs to dip into the water to look through viewing holes in the bottom. Who knows it is definatley wierd. Kinda reminds me of a cheep copy of the Northrup Stealth Boat that looked like the F-117. You tear all that railing and useless corners off the ship and it would be pretty hard to spot on a radar.

  7. MO, You know I’m going to ask, so why don’t you find out beforehand whether the thing can fight in space?

  8. Toejam I thought of that but could’nt remember how to spell Chappaquidic….. Seriously it has to be ‘some’ kind of special cargo handler. I don’t think it’s for nuke boats though, if I remember they only do that inside controlled enviroments.

  9. Mystery Spider Boat More photos and some info too. http://etsell.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=98460f4e09dbddbe5f17b261ef8c83b4&topic=6.msg13