ReviewMe Review

Murdoc Payday Online has just joined a brand-new reviewing service called ReviewMe. ReviewMe is run by the same folks who brought us Text Link Ads, a blog advertising service that I cannot recommend enough.

The general idea with ReviewMe is that your site is listed on their service, and when someone wants a product or service reviewed they log in and choose the sites where they think reviews will do the most good. Those sites, in turn, decide whether or not they wish to do the review, and if so they post the review and split the fee 50/50 with ReviewMe.

From time to time, Murdoc Payday Online will review books or other products. Often these products are sent to Murdoc for the express purpose of getting a review, though sometimes Murdoc reviews things he buys for himself. He’s never previously been paid (beyond the item) for a review. He always tries to make a note if he’s reviewing something sent to him, though he forgets from time to time. (With ReviewMe, though, you’ll always know that it’s a paid review. Members are required to note that they’re writing a paid review or advertisement.)

The goal is to integrate reviews into blogs in a way that will resonate with readers. The reviews are supposed to be written in the normal “voice” of each site, and the hope is that this placement will help ReviewMe ads stand out from standard advertising. Murdoc thinks it will.

One thing that’s not terribly clear to me at this point is how bloggers will get the products that they’re being paid to review. I imagine that the stuff will be sent out to bloggers who choose to give a review, though this isn’t stated explicitly anywhere that I can find. I’m not going to go out and buy a $99 pair of shoes so that I can write a review that will pay me $50.

Regarding fees and earnings, ReviewMe sets the rates based upon a number of factors, primarily site traffic. Larger and more widely-read sites, of course, will command higher rates. But even smaller sites can register and earn a bit. Earnings are paid monthly via PayPal.

Finally, Murdoc must point out that he thinks the ReviewMe logo is rather hokey. Not that it matters, really.

Finally, ReviewMe is currently running an introductory special for bloggers. If you sign up and are accepted, you can choose to write a “review” of ReviewMe and get paid your normal fee. This post, in fact, is Murdoc Payday Online’s introductory review of ReviewMe. (One note on this offer for those who run more than one site: Each blogger can perform only one introductory review, so if you’re going to take advantage of this offer be sure to sign up using your highest-rated blog.)

Writing reviews is a very rewarding part of running Murdoc Payday Online, and I’m hoping that it will continue to be so with ReviewMe. If my experiences with Text Link Ads are any indication, it will be.

Sponsored Post: This “review” is a paid introduction to the ReviewMe service.