Coast Guard Machine Gun Ranges on the Great Lakes

I’ve got a new site starting up which will concentrate on news and events in Michigan. It’s been pretty much under the radar so far as I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to run it and what style I’ll use, and it will still be in “beta” mode for a while yet. My initial plan had been to go “Instapundit of West Michigan”, but I’ve been finding that usually just quick linking to items of interest isn’t quite doing it for me. So I’m going to experiment a bit.

Something over there that started as a quick link post on the USCG’s plan to utilize 34 firing ranges on the Great Lakes for M240B training turned into a lengthier piece, and instead of cross-posting the whole thing over here I’ll just send you over in that direction.

Check it out if interested, and MO readers from Michigan (I know there are a fair number of you out there) are invited to keep an eye on MichiBlogger as I ramp things up in the coming weeks.

Comments aren’t yet active on the new site, but feel free to leave some here on this post if you have an opinion.


  1. Good luck with MichiBlogger. Michigan can use more representation in the blogosphere. Seems the rest of the country sees Levin/Stabenow/Detroit/etc. as being representative of Michigan. A counterpoint will be appreciated.

  2. Thanks JimBobElrod. It’s just starting up and, like I said, I’m still trying to find the voice I want for it. But I’m excited about it and hope that it catches on.