Thankzookery – 23 Nov 2006

Linkzookery for Turkey Day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hooker sent on this 1936 Thanksgiving menu from the battleship USS West Virgina:

Cheney’s office denies he’s in Iraq
But the denial didn’t seem to be absolute. We’ll see.

What American journalists should be thankful for
Americans should be thankful they don’t live elsewhere. Malkin has a list.

Christmas For Our Wounded Heroes
The Big Holiday is just around the corner. Go see what Andi has to say about it.

Killer Rocket Plane
The latest of the ‘Deadlies’ at Defense Tech.

More Mush from the Grey Lady
The NYT editorializes against guns in National Parks. Well, against guns carried by law-abiding citizens, anyway. If you’re not law-abiding, it’s apparently okay to carry.

The Border War and Its Costs
Indirect financial hardships and more spill over along the southern US border.

Aging Array of American Aircraft Attracting Attention
Defense Industry Daily on the troubling issue.

More on small arms and jamming and such
In case anyone cares about this sort of thing.

Ethiopian Convoy Ambushed in Aweys’ “Greater Somalia”
Islamic Courts on the Offensive
Is it just Murdoc, or is the Sudan the only spot on earth more willfully ignored than Somalia?

What Works: Iraqi Kurdistan
Threats Watch points out that all isn’t doom and gloom.

A peril that dwelt among the Navajos
During the Cold War, uranium mines left contaminated waste scattered around the Indians.

Studio to Peter Jackson: No Hobbit for You!
The best thing might be for The Hobbit(s) to never get made. How on earth do you make more without tarnishing the original trilogy?

Playstation 3 vs. XBOX 360 – A Game Developer’s Perspective

“This is Dodge City”
They knew he wasn’t an innocent civilian because “he sizzled”.

Home-Built Robotic Sentry Gun
Check out the video at TechEBlog.

Paintball Minigun Page
Yes. A paintball minigun.

Far Side cartoons made real
Well, “real” is a bit of an overstatement. More like “Live Action Far Side”. Well, “live” is a bit of an overstatement, too. But you know what we mean.

Top 10 Lamest Movie Villains of All Time
I must admit that I totally disagree with #1, though their take is pretty funny.

10 tips for making a good Superhero movie
As a former comic book collector and reader, I must say that virtually all super-hero movies suck. And, FWIW, I have always thought that the best “comic book in movie format” ever was ‘Tha Matrix’. And that wasn’t even based on a comic. But don’t tell me that it isn’t a “comic book in movie format”.

The Martins have done it: ‘Love’ is a Beatles masterpiece
Frank Warner likes the new release with re-engineered tracks.

That’s all Murdoc has time for right now. There’s a lot more great zookery out there, so I’ll probably put up a regular Friday edition tomorrow. Be sure to check back, and have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. RE: Lame villans As one of the commentors posted at the site, ommitting VGER from Star Trek: The MOtion Picture seems a grievous oversight.

  2. Wyle Laboratories Inc. in Huntsville, AL received an $8.5 million modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee, cost-plus-award-fee contract to exercise an option for engineering and technical services in support of the Aging Aircraft Team and Joint Council on Aging Aircraft (JCAA). What do you bet they won’t ‘find’ that the USAF should start awarding ‘prize’ type contracts for the best airplane at the best price instead of funding 25 year development contracts (otherwise known as corporate welfare) like they did back when most of their aircraft were originally designed? 30 years of socialism has showed poor results. Who would have guessed?

  3. The Wachovski brothers actually wrote out the Matrix and sequels as a comic book – and used that to pitch to the studios. In one of the special features – they show bits of the comic, alongside scenes from the movie. They followed it religiously, it seems. Of course, it was their comic, so you’d expect that.

  4. Buckethead: I didn’t know that. Although I do enjoy the film, I’m certainly not what you would call a ‘fan’ of it. I’ve just always thought it seemed more ‘like’ a comic book than any other movie I’ve seen. I guess that’s not an accident.