US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team

From a performance in Norway. Awesome.


  1. Anyone recognize the rifles they’re using. I know they’re not M-1’s or M-14’s and I’m almost positive they’re not Springfields. Can’t get a good look, but I have a feeling they’re foreign manufacture.

  2. Good eye, Toejam. I was going to write ‘get those M-14s out to the troops’ until I realized that they didn’t seem to be M-14s.

  3. They are using M-1’s.

  4. Thanks James for the info. They sure didn’t look like the M-1 I toted around for a few years in the early 1960’s(serial # 2212135). Yup I still remember after 40+ years, but I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning. GO FIGURE! Could be the metalic parts are chromed instead of the standard blueing that fooled me.

  5. well guys i can tell you first hand the are 1903a3 springfields lol. Im actually part of the Navy drill team here in Washington DC. I know all the guys that were in this video. so if oyu have any questions feel free so ask away!

  6. they are using m-1’s i was a member of this unit from march 1990 to july 1992.

  7. I was also in the Guard (’90 – ’92) – 2nd Div (Colors) Anyone here been in the Guard that has pictures? Last ceremony I was part of was Clinton’s inaugural ceremony. I have over the past few years managed to lose all my memorabilia except for the jacket and about half dozen photos.

  8. Oh, and by the way….. …the rifles the drill team uses (as well as the rest of the guard) is…………………………………….. …the M1 Garand, completely chromed out, with completely refinished stocks, chromed bayonet and freshly cleaned and painted scabbards. (Unless of course, in the last 15 years, they have changed tradition, but I very seriously doubt that somehow.) Anyone serve in the Guard from ’90 – ’92 remember Weber, Engelmann, Master Chief Graff, Lt. Anderson or BM1?

  9. ….and, furthermore, the M1’s the drill team uses are disabled by removing the firing pins and the gas vent tube so that they are completely useless as a working, firing weapon. (Unless you happen to carry around a vent tube and firing pin for an M1 in your back pocket. I know I do…)