Friday Linkzookery – 01 Dec 2006

Active U.S. Hate Groups in 2005
Handy maps and lists for each state of the Union.

Books for Soldiers
“Care Packages for the Mind”

Go Native
Chester with a must-read. I don’t necessarily agree 100% on 100% of what he says. But dern close.

“The Petroleum Age is coming to an end!”
A Michigan State University speaker on why the “net negative energy” study on ethanol is wrong and why biomass ethanol is on the way.

Carnival of Homeschooling
This week at The Common Room.

Success of abstinence in cutting teen pregnancies is a ‘myth’
I think they meant “abstinence programs“, not just “abstinence”. Call Murdoc naive, but he firmly believes that abstinence cuts down significantly on pregnancies regardless of age.

Please fasten your seat belt and cross your legs…
It takes a liter of jet fuel to flush an airliner toilet at 30,000 feet. So hold it.

Diminishing Interest: Why getting married kills your social life
Complaints about missing late-night phone calls, hot rooftop parties, pot smoking, and bar hopping. Yes, Janet…it’s called “growing up”.

Just come home Tyler
MichiBlogger notes a local West Michigan column by the aunt of a Marine wounded in Iraq.

For Detroit Lions fans:
I was a fan of linebacker Matt Millen. General manager Matt Millen doesn’t seem to have it together. To put it mildly.

ACE on ‘Aliens’ military tech
A quickie and some comments.

Hez Hack Mystery Unfolds
No doubt that all the gee-wiz digital stuff rocks, but if the manure hits the windmill you know that we will get compromised.

That Time of Year Again…
Instapinch with some Cats.

Distorting Marines As Martyrs
Leaked Intelligence Report Gives Path To Victory But Portrayed As Defining Defeat

Stupid Customer!
Even if it’s not true, it’s at least very funny. And it might be true.

Where did CBS’ Laura Logan get the ‘manage the defeat’ idea?
The thing with Big Media is that they can make ideas become true overnight. It takes Murdoc Online at least a week to do the same thing.

Outrage Over the Story That Was Never Written
And, as they say, the media can’t tell you what to think but they can tell you what to think about.

Mystery Of Ancient Astronomical Calculator Unveiled
Unfortunately, it wasn’t Y0K compliant, and the ship it was on fell out of the ocean surface.

The new exam for gaining citizenship
Sometimes I almost wonder if there should be a test for keeping citizenship. Almost.

Israel: We Cease And They Fire
Well, at least they got Hezbollah disarmed and their kidnapped soldiers back.

F-18s Wearing Out Ahead of Schedule

Evolution of a blog design
Anyone who has ever done a blog layout from scratch will know what this is all about.

What If Today’s Media Had Covered World War II?
The latest of many like this.

Kit Up!
The stuff you weren’t issued but that you couldn’t have done without.

Quotes about computer languages
It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter.

The River Princess
Grounded ship.

Slow Hurricane Season Rebuts Gore Assertion
Inaccurate 2006 Hurricane Forecast Should Remind Americans that Climatology is an Uncertain Science — and Political Science, Even More So


  1. Hate Groups as per the Southern Povery Law Center? Careful! LOL! You could fall off the left side of the map.