Yet another reason why they won’t reactivate the battleships

Short People and Old Ships

Strategy Page:

In the course of looking into the prospects of refurbishing older warships, including World War II era battle ships, U.S. Navy analysts discovered something that no one noticed before. These older ships were designed when the average serviceman was 5’8


  1. I got scar tissue on my head from Enterprise for the same reason. So what. If you have half a brain, you duck.

  2. I once joked that she was in the Yellow Sea, firing on North Koreans to port and Chinese to starboard…and she was winning. RE: The demonstration shoot…I hope it was on our side of the ocean. If it was in the eastern Atlantic, the French probably surrendered five minutes after this picture was taken.

  3. That’s why God gave us Minicel foam, isn’t it? Oops, there I go thinking again. I’ve been told more than once it is a career limiting activity.

  4. I feel great pride when I see one of our finest naval vessels come into port, It’s sad that there aren’t going to be anymore battleships coming back to port.