This is why they don’t issue ammunition to Zoomies

All apologies to my USAF buddies. But I can’t not post this:

He’s thinking “This thing isn’t even loaded. They wouldn’t give me any fracking arrows. Idiots.


  1. What! Finally someone smart enough to find a good use for the M-16! Ya’ gotta’ love those zoomies.

  2. I feel sorry for that guy. He’s going to be made fun of for years, now that people know that he was in the Air Force.

  3. It’s probably safer for everyone if this becomes the Air Forces ground combat stance. Though the M-14 as a tomato vine guide has benefits for the earth.

  4. Now we know why the Air Force was instrumental in the development and adoption of this poodle shooter. We also know what it’s good for. I vote the Infantry designs the Air Force’s next fighter aircraft.