Friday Linkzookery – 12 Jan 2007

New Attitude: The presidential gloves are off
Fred Thompson on the speech: “I’ll bet that a lot of folks who support the president on this are asking themselves “what if we’d taken care of business this way two years ago?”

GAO to review Pentagon’s ‘IED defeat’ office
There are, of course, a lot of things that we could have done better so far in Iraq. But dealing with the IED threat, in one way or another, has got to top the list of tactical things we wish we had been far more prepared to do from day one.

Gates Calls for 92,000 More Soldiers, Marines
The first phase is to make the current 35,000 temporary increase a permanent one. The next is to add 7,000 soldiers and 5,000 Marines a year for the next five years. That’s going to be tough, and it should have been started about six years ago.

Do not try this at home. Remember, this is a professional captain. Amazing series of pictures. Afterwards, the captain says “I meant to do that.”

US warns on spooky Canadian coins
Great. First the Canadians flood the market with their money already discounted big-time, then it turns out that the stuff is a bunch of sleeper agents.


  1. As long as we pay contractors more to fail than to succeed it will not be possible to supply enough oversight to break the cycle. The GAO is just as bad as the DCMA. They are as much a part of it as the USAF procurement people at Wright Patterson AFB, or any of the big contracting companies. They all know that if this runaway socialist system ceases to exist in its current bloated and dysfunctional form, their jobs will cease, and they have been leaching off the US taxpayer for too long to have anything to provide in the private sector. Even in cases where the people involved want to help the US soldier, they are prevented by this institutional monster they created, and their own learned incompetence. This is a lose lose lose situation. Our troops lose because no one is looking out for their safety, our taxpayers lose because the money they gave the government in good faith is wasted, and our society loses a valuable resources as bright people who would otherwise contribute a great deal become nothing more than really expensive crack whores who have no other fuction than to siphon off as much corporate welfare as humanly possible. On the up side, most of them keep their yards mowed.

  2. I’ll bet that a lot of folks who support the president on this are asking themselves ‘what if we’d taken care of business this way two years ago?” Hell yes we are.

  3. 92,000 more troops. Sounds like maybe 3 Army Divisions and a Marine Regiment – a good start. Yes they should have started re-building these units 5+ years ago. Better yet, troop levels should have never been cut so deep in the 90’s. Unfortunately, second guessing about 2, 5, or 15 years ago is not going to accomplish anything.

  4. Then there was Rumsfeld’s layoff so he could buy more of those high tech weapons. After all, health care costs were eating the Army alive. They had risen to something like 1% of the cost of FCS. How outrageous is that? It’s to the point where even if you work for a defense contractor you can’t root for their agenda.