America is at the mall

Got this in my inbox. No word on the source or when it first appeared:

It reads:

America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war; America is at the mall.

While I do believe that the current state of this war certainly doesn’t require the draft or rationing or any of the other “total war”-type policies that we saw in World War 2, for instance, I certainly don’t think America is on enough of a war footing or pays enough real attention (rather than attention to sound bites and headlines) to what’s going on.

Much is being made of the recent poll which shows two-thirds of America thinks the campaign in Iraq is important, but I gotta say that I don’t think two-thirds is good enough.

From the write-up on the poll:

The party of John Murtha shamelessly seeks to defund and defeat U.S. troops on the battlefield and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Congress the terrorists wanted is doing their bidding.

There’s a reason the founders of this country designated a single commander in chief and placed the responsibility to wage war in the hands of the president. We saw recently the futility of having 100 commanders in chief when the Senate tried to pass a resolution of disapproval of the war in Iraq and couldn’t agree on the terms of our surrender.

I had honestly hoped it wouldn’t be the case, but it appears that the American insurgency is gaining strength and has the capability of defeating the world’s last superpower. Insurgencies cannot survive without the acquiescence of the locals, but it’s tough to counter them when the locals are too focused on the mall.

UPDATE: More here.


  1. I know that it is easier just to say the mall is the focus of Americans. Which might be one hundred percent true if your talking about American teens and those under thirty. Notice I said ‘might’. In my little West Texas town, grown up Americans (not including the estimated 30 percent of the town that are illegals) are focused on making a living. Most work from can to can’t and then try and take care and be with their family. I can guarantee it doen’t include the mall for most of us. The dollar stores and Walmart might be were you need to look for us…when we are not working or sleeping. Sure there are a few thousand that don’t need to make anymore money, because they have plenty, but the rest of my town works hard to support their families. This is a working town, not just an office/management/enterprise town. The majority work for oil field companys (or oil field related) or for ranchers and farmers. We have several manufactures that build oil field equipment, all hard and dangerous work. All of this work is backbreaking and long. In the summer here the temps get up to 120 degrees. In the winter, the temps get down to zero, thanks to the constant winds we have. Most don’t have insurance and most work sick if possible. At the coffee shops you will hear people talking about Iraq and the Afghan and terrorists and politicians. There is mostly support for the administration, but over the last two years, growing disgust and sadness that Bush jr. can’t seem to ever make the right decisions or the hard decisions. Many make excuses for him, saying that he has surrounded himself with idiots. The support for the war, goes only to the support of our troops. We don’t as a whole give a rat’s ass about Iraq having an American styled democracy, we just want to be able to use it for some mega-bases and bring all our troops from [e]urope and Japan to Iraq. Most of us would consider Iraq a success if we could accomplish that. All of us know that Iran and NK need whipping down and need it soon. If not we will be paying for it with mushroom clouds in our cities and dead Americans here at home and elsewhere. We wish that the troops could be turned loose more and get out from under the glaring eyes and microscopes of the military lawyers, and highers that are more worried about their asses than the mission and their troops. We don’t advocate killing civilians but we understand that to effectively fight terrorists, civilians are going to be killed. One vet here said, ‘give them all bus money and tell them to spend the year in some other country, while we clean house.’ It seems many thousands of Iraqis are doing that on their own, we could help. Another thing that pisses us all off is that the pentagon will spend billions on ships that don’t work, planes that cost millions each and billions on other projects that get started, make some contractors richer, then are either canceled or it takes many more millions to turn out a product for our military that is second rate or unsafe. The Stryker and the Osphry (sp) are two examples that make some of our large vet group just want beat the crap out of somebody. It just makes the rest of us mad and sick. Oh well, sorry, rant over. Take it from me though, not everybody is at the mall. Papa Ray West Texas USA

  2. The attached is a blog entry on posted on my ‘myspace’. I have a son who is currently serving in IRAQ. Asn so I periodically blog some thoughts. I heard about the quote ‘America is at the mall’, yahoo’d it and found this. I think my blog has a decent parallel – maybe not in my best prose but, it is enough. Read on if you wish. It has finally happened. If you think about it, I guess it is inevitable. Only the exciting and the new sells papers and draws viewers to the tube. Not to minimize these stories; but, If we can rehash the horror of 9-11, show the devastation of a killer hurricane, or revisit the beloved Princess and her untimely death, then we can reclaim some of the attention of our public audiences. At least, that is what it appears our media believes. But for some of us, the news of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends comes too little and sometimes too late I watched with interest as Katie Couric took us into Iraq. Sure, I was interested in the plights of the ordinary Iraqi, because the fate of my son is intimately tied to that Iraqi and his or her ordeals. The politics of Iraq, the infuences of Syria and Iran, the differences between the shiites and the sunies (even if I can’t spell them correctly) are all important to me. But apparently, while you and I slept, worked, and tried to muddle through our days without too much worry, the media decided the war in Iraq made a good sideline story. They started filling in the blank space between news of slumping house sales, rising drought conditions in the southeast, and the recall of Chineese made toys with a byline or two about the war. If time permitted then we heard… ‘another soldier was killed today by an improvised explosive device…. Meanwhile, The UAW and the big Three sat down…’ and as Linda Ellerbee used to say…so it goes. And now I wonder if you noticed, a newscast was completed, in PRIME TIME, with nary a word about the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and Air Force volunteers serving in our ‘war on Terror’ . Meanwhile, my son calls me and says, ‘sorry I didn’t call sooner, but a couple of soldiers in my company were killed and another was seriously hurt. We were under a blackout.’ Well, I guess the media has another story to sell – and those fallen heros just didn’t make the news line. These soldiers, our modern day heros died and their families grieve, alone. Remember the ones who died yesterday. Say a prayer for their family and for the family of soldiers that are left to live forever with the memory of how they really died. Pray for that young man or young woman who has to find meaning in a war they do not even understand; who lies awake at night, knowing tomorrow he or she has to enter the killing fields where friend and foe look and dress the same. Their faces and their dress maybe the same but the sands run red from centuries of fighting over ideals that our Military simply does not have. It is so easy to stand in the political arena and call a war justified when you are not the one being shot. It is so easy to write in or mark out a story about the war, that same story involving our children, based on whether it will fit tonight’s time slot or not. It is another to be on the frontlines and live the story beside our military. It’s time we supported our troops without politicizing it. It is time the politicians became objective and honest about our goals. at the end of the day, someone must stand and protect us less the violence spill into our streets. I pray the war does not become a simple platform gimmick to gain a political end but rather remains a means to protect our shores. And I ask you as a citizen of this Great LAnd, Stand up for our Soldiers and do not forget our troops as we move into the holiday season.