20th Century anchor on a 21st Century Ship

Bush carrier to carry Independence anchor

CVN-77 USS George HW Bush will use one of CV-62 USS Independence’s 30-ton anchors. The Reagan, Truman, and Stennis also reused anchors from Forrestal-class ships. (via Alert5)

UPDATE: Speaking of ironworks, if they’re going to use the Independence’s anchor, they might as well use the Independence’s fighters, too:

Flight deck crewmen secure chocks on the wheels of an F-14A Tomcat aircraft aboard the aircraft carrier USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62). Camera Operator: PH3 JULIAN EVANS Date Shot: 14 Apr 1988

Pic from DVIC.

Yeah, I know this is beating a dead hornet…

UPDATE 2: Pinch, a Tomcatter from way back, has turned over a new leaf when it comes to the F-18 Hornet. I never thought I’d see him endorsing a “bug” for anything. But here he goes. Can you feel the love?


  1. I like it for two reasons. 1. I am a total cheapskate and those things look expensive. 2. It is a nice touch of history.

  2. Typical waste from the military. I could have designed an anchor that was just as effective, yet weighed only 29.8 tons.

  3. I can’t imagine they save a whole lot of money that way*, seeing that its really just a big hunk of steel, but I appreciate the dual effort to be thrifty and nostalgic at the same time. *In the scheme of a multi-billion dollar ship, that is.

  4. I just noticed something in the black & white picture. I never previously realized quite how many tie-down points there are on the deck of a carrier. Are they always painted white and I just never noticed?