Juan Cole informing us with his comments

Haven’t mentioned the esteemed professor from the University of Michigan for a while. On Sunday he wrote:

Late Saturday, the US Air Force launched a series of bombing raids on southeast Baghdad. This is absolutely shameful, that the US is bombing from the air a civilian city that it militarily occupies. You can’t possibly do that without killing innocent civilians, as at Ramadi the other day. It is a war crime. US citizens should protest and write their congressional representatives. It is also the worst possible counter-insurgency tactic anyone could ever have imagined. You bomb people, they hate you. The bombing appears to have knocked out what little electricity some parts of Baghdad were still getting.

Well, yeah, it’s basically a stupid post.

But get a load of one of the comments:

We are Afghanistaning a previously modern country back into a collection of feudal fiefdoms, under the control of local warlords. We already have Somalia and Afghanistan as failed states; must we add Iraq?

I’m not sure what this means. We could have bombed Somalia and Afghanistan “back to the stone age” with a squirt gun and a couple of water balloons. They were already there. Most parts of those countries never left it.

But blame the US anyway.


  1. What a maroon. Yeah, civilians get killed in wars. That’s a fact and we have to live with that. So the question is, who’s sustaining this war? Why was it necessary to bomb this area? It couldn’t possibly be the armed thugs who refuse to join us in the 21st century, could it? Nah, because they’re noble savages, or some such garbage.

  2. Those people scare me. ‘I wrote my congressman that we needed to drop candy and flowers to those poor people, and they ignored me. It goes to show you that our government does not listen to us!’ I wish that all of the worlds problems could be solved with conversation and a nice cup of tea, but some people just need killing. Sad but true.