The sheer reality [stench] of it is overpowering

Found via a Google News Alert:

People Needed in Tacoma to protest Stryker Brigade

Saturday, March 03 2007 @ 07:28 PM PST
Contributed by: Anonymous
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Anti-War Activism

pretzel_tank.jpgLess than half of the Stryker Brigade has parked in the Port of Tacoma with more coming tonight, March 3. We NEED people to come down (direction provided below). I cannot communicate the seriousness of this quickly and so, please, realize that machines that kill people are getting ready to move out. The sheer reality of it is overpowering. To those of you who read the news items that come in to this sight regarding Greece or Denmark should know that we are not doing nearly enough in this country and if we do nothing as these machines roll right in front of us we do not deserve any respect from the people in the rest of the world. If you absolutely cannot make it, keep looking for updates. This is all spur-of-the-moment and we are doing the best that we can but we need more help and more radical input.

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URGENT: 9:30 tonight – Port of Tacoma
author: Edward Letkavic
Mar 03, 2007 19:22

Poeple are meeting at the Port of Tacoma at 9:30 tonight to disrupt the war machine.

It was decided at the meeting held today in Tacoma that people should meet at the Port of Tacoma at 9:30 tonight to disrupt the war machine.

It’s not only possible but quite probabale we can delay or even stop the shipments from coming through Tacoma. All we need is a large presence. That was perhaps the most frustrating thing last year during the Port of Olympia protests: people were not there when we needed them the most. All we needed at one point was 100 people total to take non-violent direct action to stop the military convoys. We should really take advantage of the privaledge we have – if this were Iraq, we’d got shot from being even a mile away from a large US military presence. If the weapons ship out, PEOPLE WILL DIE…

(There should be a lot of folks there tonight. Bring instruments, warm clothes and blankets, cameras… for good times.)

Also, bring still cameras and video cameras.

So they’re going to try to “disrupt the war machine”. Because “If the weapons ship out, PEOPLE WILL DIE…”


Hmmm. Look who’s in the trackbacks section.

And get this comment:

I really like the heartfelt call-out, but I am sorry to say that I am in the mid-west and won’t be able to make it. Also, please, don’t let your tactics be pre-determined. (Non-violence/Violence) Use whatever is neccessary.

So, basically, this is a chickendove. Umm, calling for violence if needed.

It takes a village, all right. A village idiot.

UPDATE: Ooops. Looks like the peacemongers got duped, and that’s the reason for the sudden rush:

Saturday, March 03 2007 @ 02:08 AM PST
Contributed by: Anonymous
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Direct Action

The military just intentionally leaked faulty intelligence to us down here in Olympia, making us believe they were going to come through the port here at around 1am when in fact they were going through Tacoma.

Now the Strykers are there. About 25 of them have gone into the port already out of a total 300. This took us completely by suprise but we need to get on it like nothing else. Come down to the Port of Tacoma tomorrow at noon and fucking lose your mind.

Directions are below. All of you in the area better fucking be there.

-Ray Kavick

Ray’s a pottymouth. Murdoc sure doesn’t want him teaching the world to sing…


  1. Looks like the peacemongers got duped, and that’s the reason for the sudden rush:’ They are really stupid then…there is always at least one military RO/RO ship parked at a dedicated pier, right next to the rail line that runs from the Port of Tacoma to Fort Lewis.

  2. It would be a terrible shame if a Stryker had a brake malfunction while rolling towards a dock blocked by protestors.

  3. Bram: A) ‘Have you any idea how much damage that bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?’ said Mr. Prosser. ‘How much?’ asked Arthur. ‘None at all,’ Mr. Prosser replied.’ B) We’d be hearing all about the murder of a poor defenseless innocent, like when the Israelis murdered Rachel Cory.

  4. Purely a mechanical failure – no intention at all (buys mechanic and driver many beers).