Strykers roll on

Three anti-war protesters arrested in Tacoma

Looks like some of the peacemongers got a bit rowdy last night:

TACOMA, Wash. – Three anti-war protesters were arrested overnight at the Port of Tacoma.

They were protesting the loading of Stryker vehicles and other equipment that will be shipped to Iraq for the deployment of a Fort Lewis Stryker brigade.

Police formed a line between the military equipment and the protesters. Three were accused of assault and led away in handcuffs.

Andrew Moll, one of the protesters, say one of those arrested was shot with a rubber bullet.

The protesters are members of the a group known as “Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance.”

Over at Milblogs, a friendly peacemonger commented to Murdoc:

More and more of us are beginning to realize that self-defense (from cops, especially) is not violent in the same way as capitalism and statism. We like to call it liberation. How about you haul your overweight, white, tv-addicted [pottymouth! deleted by blog owner] out to the next anti-militarization demo in Tacoma and try to [pottymouth! deleted by blog owner] stop us. Some of us even carry slingshots loaded with epoxy studded with broken glass for patriots like you, mother[pottymouth! deleted by blog owner].

Hard to imagine what nice folks like this would do to get themselves arrested. (hat tip to the reader who passed this on)


  1. Whoa! So it’s Mr. Moll, is it? I actually go to school with this kid. He’s part of the University of Puget Sound chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, an organization that I simply can’t stand. It’s not their politics (well, not only their politics), it’s their methods. Their policy is direct action, not negotiation. They protest everything, including the most basic and petty stuff. I’m not surprised to see that they were involved here, and I’m equally not surprised to see that their protest was wholly and completely ineffective. God they bother me.

  2. Hmm, Washington is a Conceal Carry state. You know what they say, ‘Don’t bring a slingshot loaded with epoxy studded with broken glass to a gunfight.’

  3. Comrades, Oh, I’m also quite familiar with the SDS folks. I’d love to be able to return the favour to them from my last encounter, some 33 years ago. Those X%*&@##’s were out in force on the campus of Utah State Univerity where my Reserve unit was holding an awards ceremony. While we were in formation, in uniform, these numbn*ts broke through the security cordon and tossed balloons filled with blood and red paint on us. I suffered lacerations when one of their missiles blindsided me, striking me in the face, breaking my glasses and just missing my eyes. I still have a scar beside one eye from that. They also ruined an expensive dress uniform. They owe me……. And I would be more than happy to collect on that debt. Hopefully, some of them will be in Washington on the 17th. Maybe I’ll get to meet some of them there. Respects,

  4. If they’re pro-violence, then how can they be anti-war? War is organized violence.. they organize anti-war violence.. therefore they organize anti-organized violence violence. Huh?

  5. I’m with Bram on this one. If they’re pacifist or active non-violence that’s one thing. But some of these guys claim to be nothing of the sort. Seems to me that they should be the easy ones to deal with…

  6. Oh, I get it. They believe they are the only ones who have the moral authority to use violence. So they’re basically just arrogant jerks. Gotcha.

  7. Some of us even carry slingshots loaded with epoxy studded with broken glass for patriots like you, mother[pottymouth! deleted by blog owner]. Some us carry Glock 23s loaded with 180gr Federal Hydrashoks…just sayin’.