Searching for ghosts on the USS North Carolina

UPDATE: Outing cancelled. I had contacted the group for more info, but shortly after they responded to me they got word that their outing was not going to be allowed. The reason given was that they were going to have too many people, though I don’t quite understand that. Bummer.

Calling All Ghostbusters

Murdoc’s visited a number of retired Navy ships, and he swears that you can almost feel the presence of the many crewmen who served on them and the history that they made. A group in North Carolina is going to see if they can find evidence that it might be more than just a feeling:

Carolina Ghost Hunters will host an overnight ghost investigation Friday and Saturday on the battleship USS North Carolina. The investigation, available to 25 people each night, costs $125 a person. It has been documented that the battleship is indeed very haunted.

Send them an email if you’re in the area and interested in participating. If you happen to go, be sure to let me know.

Just spending the night on a battlewagon would be quite something, ghosts or not. I’m more than a bit jealous of the Boy Scout troops and others who have overnighters aboard museum ships. My son’s troop looked into camping on the submarine USS Silversides in Muskegon, MI, but they’re already booked for the season. Maybe next year.

The caption of the picture (click for larger version), from the Naval Historical Center’s USS North Carolina (BB 55) page, reads:

Pitching in heavy seas while screening Task Force 38.3 off the Philippines, 12 December 1944.

If the heavy seas are doing that to a 35,000 ton battlewagon, I’d hate to see what the tin cans look like. Murdoc’s getting seasick just imagining it.