Public support for campaign in Iraq climbs

Frank Warner:

The portion of Americans who believe the war is going –very well” or –fairly well” for the United States increased from the all-time low of 30 percent in February to 40 percent this month.

Instapundit writes:

That isn’t huge, but it’s significant. And this reversal as the surge gets underway suggests that much of the decline in support over the past year comes from people who’ve felt we weren’t prosecuting the war vigorously enough, as opposed to people who were simply against the whole enterprise.

UPDATE: Various readers argue that a ten-percent shift in one month is huge. Well, maybe. It would certainly be portrayed as huge if it had gone the other way…

I Think ^(Link) Therefore I Err writes:

The American people do like to vote for a winner.

Murdoc would suspect that it’s mostly a combination of the “I’m glad we’re finally trying to win”
mentality with a little bit of “hey, maybe we are winning” thrown in.

I’d bet that if the front pages of newspapers and the evening news programs reported nothing but the good news for four weeks straight that the approval number would be through the roof. Not that I think that would be responsible reporting, just that I think that’s how much effect news has on opinion polls and that I think the bad news has been over-overemphasised more often than not. That trend seems to have shifted (a bit) lately, maybe because we’re past the election season, and I wonder how much that tiny shift affected these poll results.


  1. A nice little article – slightly off topic. To Iran with love. By the end of June we should have some B-2 qualified to drop this puppy.