Barrel Shrouds of Doom

Nice to see media takin’ it to ’em once in a while: Video: Carolyn McCarthy doesn’t understand her own gun-control legislation

Why would anyone, no matter how clueless they are about weapons, think something called a barrel shroud was “a shoulder-thing that goes up”?

Makes Murdoc wonder if the follow-up question should have been “Do you even know what a barrel is”?

In all fairness, the video cuts off right after the “shoulder-thing that goes up” bit, so maybe McCarthy came back with accurate detailed descriptions of various weapon components and justifed why they needed to be banned. But I’m thinking not…


  1. 10 years of Reserve military and civilian shooting experience and I have no idea what a Barrel Shroud is. I do want one now.

  2. I believe it prevents you from accidentally burning yourself if you grab the barrel after firing. That’s my guess, anyway. Clearly it goes around the barrel. I can’t think of what else the purpose would be in that case.

  3. Its a scary peice of metal that makes a gun into an unstoppable killing machine. It should be banned at all costs. If all guns were free of flash suppressors, bayo lugs, pistol grips, collapsable stocks, and other such frightening accessories, the world would be such a better place. I submit that we should all hold hands and sing Kumbaya until that glorious day arrives.

  4. Strange, I don’t remeber seeing any of those options on the guns that Cho used…hmmm, must be a fluke..oh wait, pistol grips…pistols…got it!

  5. Please join me in writing our representatives in Congress. It is time we got these STTGUs off of our streets. For the children, let’s do it now before its too late. STTGUs have no practical purpose for hunting. Please donate generously to the Campaign to Ban Shoulder Things That Go Up, and we can see STTGUs become a thing of the past, for a safer tomorrow. :D